April 26, 2013

Creamy, The Door is Always Open to 3DRetro and Gary Baseman

3DRetro and Gary Baseman have collaborated to bring Creamy the sad but somewhat cute vinyl character which has been created for 'The Door is Always Open' exhibit. 

The show explores the influences of Baseman’s Jewish family heritage and American popular culture on his exuberant, boundary-defying art at The Skirball.

The Toby inspired colorway of Creamy is now available for pre-order at the Cultural Centres online store.

Topps Will Relaunch Garbage Pail Kids

Thanks to a petition that went to fans of Cheap Toys 'Garbage Pail Kids' all over of the world, Topps has now agreed to start production on the gross mini figures due to such a huge response. 
"Thank you all for the votes! We made it happen. :) Now, this will go down in history and in the Topps archives. You all let Topps know that Cheap Toys are important and can be the best gross mini-figure issue in the world. This victory is sweet. Best to you all for making that happen! The fans made it happen...because you love the toys!" - Cheaptoyland.com

The Garbage Pail Kids was a 1980's brand of gross, disgusting and yet fun characters designed to parody the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls created by Xavier Roberts

With the decision only just being made there is no date of when production will start, which characters will be involved or when they will drop but congratulations to all involved. As soon as more information comes to light, we'll let you know.

Mighty Jaxx has Infernal Troopers with Plastic Foundry

Mighty Jaxx's Infernal Troopers #2 are now ready for battle at Plastic Foundry, with each 2.75” White Trooper being hand-cast and painted.

INFERIOR TROOPERS are guys who failed the Imperial exams, those who are weaker and those who had injuries. This is the #2 figure in the Inferior Troopers series. He comes with a full battle pack, WWII rifle and a pair of binoculars to spot the incoming enemies. Pair this figure with Trooper #01 or simply purchase a few more to form a squad. - Mighty Jaxx
To pre-order your limited edition Infernal Trooper/s check out the Plastic Foundry store 

Tic Top 5 Interview: Darren Clegg

Welcome to the first of many Tic Top 5 where we ask an artist the hard hitting questions (not really they're actual quite easy). Todays artist is none other than UK based Graphic Designer turned Toy Artist, Darren Clegg. 

Whether it's his custom munny Army of Darkness series.

His ode to Monty Python with 'It's only a Flesh Wound'

The Green and Gold CyberPunk 'Mech Warrior #1'

Or the Beautiful Christophe and the Beast

Darren has a very distinctive style that sets him apart from most artists within the designer toy industry. We thought we'd ask Darren the Tic Top 5 questions that would give better insight into the mind of a talented artist such as himself.

  1. How did you start in the industry of creating & customizing?
    I have been friends with JPK (Jon Paul Kaiser) for a few years now and saw all his great work and every time we met up down the pub he kept telling me to give it a go, eventually i bought a mini munny and havent looked back since.
  2. What was the first toy or item you customized or created?
    Like i said it was a mini munny, I didnt really know how big and varied the custom toy world was at first and the mini munny seemed like a good starting point.
  3. What influences you?
    I can get influenced by anything from a walk in the park to a complex 3d representation of some maths equation. Its important to keep your eyes open and soak up whats around you. Then when you come to do a new project all these ideas can filter out into something kinda cool hopefully.
  4. What are your weapons of choice? The only tool I really need is my mind, i know that sounds cheesy but as long as I have an idea i can create with whatever is around me, that and a beer always help.
  5. If you could collaborate with anyone (living or dead) who would it be?
    Would have loved to do a colab with Leonardo Da vinci, the guy was a genius at so many things, it would have been fascinating to spend some time in his studio as he was painting one minute, creating some mad machine the next and then dissecting some human remains to try and understand how it all worked. I imagine a colab could have gone so many different ways, it would have been pretty amazing.

Thanks Darren and if you'd like to see more or purchase some of Darren Clegg's awesome work, check out the Collect and Display store here, A lot of Darren's work goes on Instagram or alternatively hit him up via his Facebook email for future work here.

Fox McFloyd custom by Chauskoskis for FONZO Loves UK

Get a load of Fox McFloyd by Chauskoskis, for the "FONZO Loves UK" Custom show. Fun fact is that Fox Mc Floyd is a huge Pink Floyd fan with the obvious flying pig & t-shirt plus guitar and amp (see video below).

With a huge line up of talented artists such as MapMap, David Bishop, Drilone, Scott Tolleson, 64Colors, Rsin, Squink, Sergio Mancini, Burundanga Design, Chauskoskis, Ume Toys, Charles Rodríguez, Nakanari, Mr. Mitote, ArtMyMind, Gabriel Carpio, Otto Bjornik, Stu Witter, Camila D´Errico, Double Parlour, The Beast Brothers, Touma,Hugh Rose, GerardMDS, Jeremiah Ketner and Daniel Fleres all in the one exhibition the world might just explode.

To find out more about FONZO Loves UK show by The Sho Gallerycheck out the Facebook event page.

The Plush War Tourist gets A Little Stranger with Lady Lauren Loves.

It's the collaboration talents of A Little Stranger and Lady Lauren Loves that brings us the awesome 'Plush War Tourist'.
These one of a kind, handmade gigantic Plush War Tourists is a humungous 18" wide of squishy, super soft, cuddle ready goodness. Unfortunately they've have made just one in each colour of purple and grey, which features a rotating head; but lets hope it's only the beginning of this range.
To grab your one of a kind Plush War Tourist check out the Planet Domu store here.

Mattel’s Miniature WWE Wrestlers Line is the No.1 Action Figure

According to NPD data, Mattel’s line of miniature WWE wrestlers is the No.1 action figure property in the U.S., beating out heavy hitters such as G.I. Joe, Star Wars and Marvel.

“We work really closely with WWE, and based on what we see on the show, we talk to WWE about which characters we want to see in the next wave of figures,” Handy said. “We’ll get WWE’s approval, then we’ll work on initial sculpts of each figure, and that can take a little going back and forth as guys will shave their heads or shave their beards or get a different hair style. But we do the best we can to keep things up to date. We try to be as current as we possibly can to what you’re seeing on the show.”  - Derek Handy
To read more of the interview with Derek Handy about what goes into being No.1 check out the ESPN link here.

Fuller Designs go ComicDroid on X-Men

Vinyl Riot are exclusively releasing this awesome ComicDroid Series by Fuller Designs.

Featuring an X-Men themed series with Wolverine, Sabretooth, Cyclops, Gambit and Magneto, the blind boxes are limited to one per household, so be quick to purchase on April 27 here.

Scott Hensey's Techniques, Inspiration and Amazing Office

For those of you who didn't know MAKE have a video new series about the people who bring fantasy to life. Spotlighting miniature-making, sculpting, molding, figure-modding, latex mask-making, and much more with tutorials, interviews, reviews, and good stories.

In this video legendary sculpter Scott Hensey, owner of Anaglyph Sculptures has been sculpting action figures, toys and statues for over 30 years. Here is a peek into Hensey's techniques, inspiration and amazing office of his toy creations.

To see more of this inspiring  series from MAKE go here.

Star Trek Minimates Ready to Beam Down!

Diamond Select Toys revealed the first studio shots and the packaging for the Toy”R”Us exclusive Series 1 Star Trek Minimates! 

Covering only the TV shows of the franchise of Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager.  The Captain from each of the three series as well as some great fan favorites. 

Each double pack will be $12.99 and can be pre-ordered here for July shipping.

Monster Worship the Altar Beast with Scott Wilkowski

Monster Worship in collaboration with super sculptor Scott Wilkowski are pleased to announce this amazing X-Ray Altar Beast a variation on the original 6" tall one point of articulation figure. 

Casted in super clear vinyl with Green/Purple or White/Green skeleton insert these beast beauties will be available at C2E2 April 27 at the Nakama Toys Booth #951.