June 19, 2013

Episode 265 : New Directions

Toy Break is back with George and Ayleen with guest J*Ryu as they talk about the toy biz, Stinky Ginger, Calliope Jackalope, Stingy Jack, and much more! So unwrap some Riesen and enjoy the show! 

The Four Horseman have their Power Lords Cake and Eat it too

After the showing of the Cake Boss episode “Snowed Out” powerlordsreturn.com has released an exclusive look at the making of the Power Lords cake that was one of the highlights of the unveiling of the Power Lords line at Toypocalypse 3. You can also watch the highlights, thanks to TLC. Here's the official description to get you up to speed:  
CAKE BOSS Ep.611: SNOWED OUTAfter months of hard work on the new Carlo's Bakery, a blizzard threatens to delay the grand opening.  With a big decision to make, Buddy tries to fill the bakery cases while the new employees learn to juggle their toughest clients: Buddy's sisters.  Meanwhile, Mary takes a cake order for an action figure volcano cake, but clueless in the ways of boys toys, she asks Ralph to take the lead on design. Will Ralph be the hero who saves the day, or will an exploding volcano cake be his demise?

From concept to finished product Buddy Valastro and the team at Carlo's Bakery did an awesome job for the Four Horsemen.