April 24, 2013

Mattle's Classic Catwoman Revealed

The prototype for Mattel's upcoming "Classic TV series Batman" Julie Newmar Catwoman has finally been revealed. 

While the final product will feature far more articulation, this prototype gives fans an idea of what to expect. Catwoman is due for release later this year and should drop around the same time as The Joker.

ThunderCats, HO! for new Box Set.

The reaction of fans to the Icon Heroes’ line of Classic ThunderCats has paid off for Minimates and with Art Asylum designing these fantastic 2" tall mini fig line, it no wonder this NEW box series is ready to go.
Featuring NEW ThunderCats Bengali, Lynx-O, Pumyra and Ratar-O, as well as the non-articulated mini fig of Berbil Ro-Bear Bert, this box set will completment already available series 1 to 3. These new ThunderCat Minimates are now available for pre-order here with the set ready to ship in July.

Super Deformed Optimus Prime gets Color

We reported here about Excellent Toys releasing mono images of their new project 'CR-M01' or better known as the Super Deformed Optimus Prime action figure on their Facebook page last week

Now we have some color added to mix and wow you can really see the detail in both figure & vehicle forms. 

This is one toy on a huge list that we can't wait for these to be available to purchase whenever that is. 

MPHLabs and Andrew Bell Make a Deal with the Dealmaker

MPHLabs and Andrew Bell present the Dealmaker. About 4″ tall, made of soft vinyl and a touch of evil. Dealmaker is one of the first sofubi style designer toys to be entirely designed and manufactured in the USA.

"What do you desire.. money, power, love? You don’t have to depend on luck or hard work for these things any more. Come over here, let’s make a deal… it won’t cost you much more than a soul or two." - Dealmaker
The first edition, Smoke+Red, makes its debut in Vienna, Austria April 25 at the Sixxa shop where Andrew will be signing and sketching from 5 to 7.

For those who cannot make the trip to Vienna, the Dealmaker will be available online at myplasticheart May 2 for $35.

Darryl Dixon is a Plushie

Looks like Norman Reedus' character Darryl Dixon from the highly successful 'The Walking Dead' is a softy after all, well according to Funko that is. Funk posted this image not long ago on their Twitter page of a new image of  a plushie to be released with the following statement:

"Who wants to snuggle with Daryl? " - @OriginalFunko

Following the design of Funko's other plushies range this 7" tall Darryl looks pretty bad ass. His face has now appeared in the unidentified page on the Funko site and will drop in July at all good Funko retailers.

Doctors Eleven Figures Who are Ready for Pre-Order.

With its 50 anniversary under way, 'Doctor Who' is a super hot brand right now and hardcore fans will have plenty of new toy options available to them soon! Starting off with the ultimate Doctor Who collectors set! Features all eleven incarnations of the Doctor presented in an impressive TARDIS display box.

Underground Toys has a great selection of new Doctor Who figures available for pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store

Tee of the Day: SMASH! by Mekazoo

Our tee of the day goes to SMASH! by Mekazoo and available in Green. Say ahhh to this monstrous mouth of awesomeness at Redbubble.

Video: David Horvath gives Thrash Lab an Ugly Doll

Thrash Lab in collaboration with Giant Robot are producing a series called "Profiles", which looks at the ideas and lives of creators/artists with Uglydoll creator David Horvath the next up in this series. From a simple character drawing in a letter margin by David Horvath to his now wife, Sun-Min Kim, Uglydoll was born around 10 years ago. 

In this video Thrash Lab reveal how Uglydoll began at a single idea and now the toy has evolved so large that you can find them at Toys"R"Us.

Fezzy Rocks a Squishable Moustache

Squishable have teamed up again with artist Andrew Bell to produce the latest and most likely their cutest edition called 'Fezzy'. This bear-looking Squishable rocks a moustache like no other plush can.

From the tassel on his fez to his eye bags, to his outie bellybutton and, like the Worrible before him, Fezzy has butt cheeks. Yeah you read correct, butt cheeks!

A fifth of the stock has already sold out for obvious reasons so be quick to order your moustache rockin, fez wearing Fezzy today over at the Squishable online store