April 20, 2013

Man-E-Toys have 6 Critters

In celebration of 4/20, Tru:Tek of Man-E-Toys is presenting their latest batch of Designer and Sculptor The Amazing Zectron's Critters inspired mini figure!

The 1.5" tall edition has been cast in a mix of green, yellow and red flexible rubber. Limited to only 6 copies worldwide and comes with an exclusive 4:20 stereogram 'magic eye' header card. The Critters will be available for $15 each, April 20 at Man-E-Toys

3rd Annual Dream In Plastic Custom Toy Show Starts June 8

Dream In Plastic is gearing up to hold it's third annual Custom Toy Show, running from June 8 to July 12.
"Toy artists have creative license to create any creature they desire. We encourage YOU to try your hand designing your own toy from a blank figure such as MUNNY, Qee, etc. However, you can really create a toy from anything you like. Cut up other toys and melt them together, sew your toy a little jumpsuit, take apart your VCR and use the pieces - whatever. Multiple toy submissions are welcome." - Dream In Plastic

This show is open to anyone and any toy platform, so for any artist looking to their work featured in a  gallery show, download the Dream In Plastic submission PDF form here. But be quick as the final deadline for submissions is June 6.

For more information and to stay up to date on this always awesome event check out the Design In Plastic Cusstom Show Facebook event page.

Artoyz get Smurfed with Leblon-Delienne

Artoyz Originals have joined forces with Leblon-Delienne to bring you an exclusive new vision of The Smurf.

 With the collaborative talents of Peyo's original Design, Sculpting by Leblon-Delienne and Producer Artoyz this nearly 8" articulated head, arms and legs vinyl figure comes in three
super fresh monotone colors of Orange, Blue and Pink.

To enjoy your on Smurfin fun figure hurry as The Smurf is limited to only 200 pieces, so check out the Artoyz site to order. 

Buff Monster get a Double Heather with Garbage Pail Kids

Buff Monster have just revealed an image on instagram of his first ever Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) Cheap Toy custom of the classic Double Heather! 

As you can see by this image, the original rubber figure sits along side the newly sculpted piece, which has been suggested by Ice Cream resin head sculptor Mitch Martinez and has been cast in resin by Healeymade in authentic GPK blue.

Buff Monster have stated that they will be hitting his store at some time next week with
no word on size or pricing yet but we'll let you know when more information arises

Artmymind are Scavengers

Guillaume & Julia Lachambre from Artmymind have created Ruby and Shadow editions of  their hand sculpted and casted original creation, Scavengers for only $22 a pair.

Standing at 1.1" tall the two resin figures of Ruby and Shadow are also available as a DIY set. To purchase this beautifully designed set, check out the Artmymind store here.

Don't forget to participate in the Artmyminds instagram competition #ineedartmymindstuff for your chance to win a one of a kind hand painted Scavenger.