April 22, 2013

Wheelhouse Rivals Pre-Order for Cog and The Nautilus

You may remember this successful 'Rivals' Kickstarter from bearded duo James Hugo & Chase Layman aka Wheelhouse. Rivals is a Steampunk designer toy line featuring Cog and The Nautilus, who battle for control under the sea and is now ready for pre-order.

"In the deepest of the deep seas in the darkest of the deep depths lies the Lurk. Here only the strong survive. The Rivalry has begun." - Wheelhouse

Now that the figures are complete Rivals is now in production. The vinyl figures stand at 
are 4" tall who both  have a fun yet quirky backstory to them. Cog and The Nautilus can now be pre-ordered from here with shipping due July.

Get Comfy with Nate Bears Squid vs Robot Throw Pillow

For those of you who know Nate Bear's work, you'll be pleased like we are that you can now sit on his artwork, or hug it or prop yourself up on! What are we talking about? Nate has just added a Throw Pillow of his much loved Squid vs Robot print to his store.

"A squid inside a giant robot... a robot inside a giant squid?! How does that even work? Whose technology is superior? Duking it on the streets of major american metropolis., which one of these giants will say hello first?" - Nate Bear

The cover features a double-sided print that is made from 100% spun polyester poplin fabric, and is Individually cut and sewn by hand. The pillow cover measuring 16" x 16" features a concealed zipper for ease of care but does not include pillow insert.
To make a stylish statement liven up any room in your home check our Nate Bear's store here

Popobawa gets Mintyfresh with Drew Millward and Disturbia

Popobawa is the first-born vinyl toy from Disturbia and UK artist Drew MillwardEach awesome Popobowa vinyl figure stand 6" tall and comes boxed in bespoke packaging designed by Drew Millward.

"Popobawa is a Swahili name which translates literally as "bat-wing" (from Swahili popo, "bat", and bawa, "wing"). This name is said to have originated as a description of the dark shadow cast by the spirit when it attacks at night."

The Popobawa figures are available in 4 colorways: Original, Mono, Gold and DIY White. But hurry as they are limited to 150 pcs each and available at Mintyfresh.

Zukaty's Gunmetal JPK Apocalypse Dunnys Ready for Battle

Paulo Mendes aka Zukaty has released exclusive edition of 3 of custom 'Gunmetal JPK Apocalypse' 3" Dunnys. Zukaty has taken has levelled up on his original JPK with a very cool color combination. 

These warrior Dunnys have been set apart, painted with acrylics, clear coated matte and then reassembled for your collecting pleasure. They will also come in bagged with header card. If you would like to add one of these awesome figures to your collection you can here.

25 Limited Frank Kozik 'A Clockwork Carrot' Figures in Japan

Frank Kozik posted earlier today that a limited quantity matte black Clockwork Carrot figure would be available to 25 people in Japan who attend Super FestivalApril 28.

If you're in Japan and attending good luck. This special limited matte black 'A Clockwork Carrot' comes courtesy of Blackbook Toys.

Dulk, Dudebox and Dirtface Custom Looks Rad!

Dulk have released images of their Dudebox custom toy project, in collaboration with Dirtyface. There are details about this project but to see the process of how this beautifully hand crafted and painted vinyl creation was made, go here.

Apexplorers Artdol Mini Figures Faceoff with Winson Ma

Winson Ma, has released prototype images of his latest project 'Apexplorers Artdol'
Mini Figure
s and don't they look cool (no pun intended).

Continuing on from his Artdol Family Monkey Gorilla Faceoff series it appears that the 3" vinyl characters of Jungle, Dr.X, T-Rex, Otto, Adam and Ice all have special masks that can be switched between them. Under the mask, they have another look but by the imges it's not clear at this stage what they will look like.

Still representing the belief that everyone has two points of view Winson has created a "Planet of the Apes" in a polar type scenario where Humans and Ape cohabitant together. 

It's not clear on when these will drop, price or how they will be package but we'll keep
you posted. 

Tee of the Day: Kidrobber from Kidrobot

Tee of the Day goes to Kid Robot's "Mini Robber". The figure on the tee is 'Kidrobber' one of the eleven bots from the Kid Robot 3" vinyl series. 

This 100% cotton tee is only available in Charcoal and can be purchased from Mindzai for $30 plus shipping.

Count Calorie is a Cereal Killer

Ron English has a new cereal killer "Count Calorie" to accompany Cap'n Cornstarch and Fat Tony in his highly successful series. Standing at 8" tall, Count Calorie is an apostle of fatty goodness. 
The detail and finish of the Count  is what we've come to expect from Ron English, fantastic and by collecting them all, you can form your own Last Fat Breakfast! There is no word on a release date but you can pre-order the vinyl Count of Fatty Goodness now from My Plastic Heart.

D-Arts turns up the Bass and Treble on Megaman

If you're a Megaman fan then get excited as Tamashii Nations has announced the upcoming release of Megaman's ultimate rival 'Bass and Treble'. Bass comes inclusive with additional arm parts for the Bass Buster and two replacement faces for action posing.

Like the D-Arts Rockman, Bass' wolf robot partner Treble is included. Bass is a well articulated vinyl action figure that stands tall at a huge 46". You can pre-order Bass and Treble now from Gundam Planet which will ship early July.

If you haven't grabbed a Megaman yet (which we'd highly recommend) they're still available here.