June 26, 2013

Steampunk Willie from Perez x DeeTen

Matt 'Obsure' Perez has just post this rad custom Disney Vinylmation 'Steampunk Willie' that he collaborated with 'DeeTen'.

If you're interested in grabbing this awesome custom contact Matt directly at matthew@angeykoalagear.com or at the Angry Koala Gear store HERE. But be quick as he's trying to get it into the Wonderground Gallery in downtown Disney.

Exclusive Sekure D Interview, KidCoral and the Revealing of Final 3 Prints

We posted HERE earlier this week about Sekure D leaking the first 4 of his 7 print series for Oz Comic Con in Melbourne Australia. Now we've been lucky enough to get an exclusive interview from Sekure himself plus with the remaining 3 prints in question and a new custom figure. 

Tic Toc: What can we expect from your booth at this years Oz Comic Con? 
Sekure D: A whole range of things. Unlike last year there is for the first time prints as well as custom sneakers and vinyl toys plus some original art. I have tried to represent a variety of the things I do as well as have price points accessible to everyone who attends. 
Tic Toc: Prints are a new concept for you, is this something you've wanted to do prior? 
Sekure D: Absolutely, I am disappointed in myself that I did not do it sooner. After OzComicCon last year I said to myself that I needed more accessible items on my table than just original sneakers and toys which can alienate people due to the price point. Everyone can get involved and pick up a print and then maybe later down the track something a bit bigger. It’s just about spreading the word and trying something new really. 
Tic Toc: What inspired you to create the prints you have produced? 
Sekure D: A big part of what I am doing at the moment is putting my ‘Codename Unknown’ spin onto existing characters and that was the main focus with the prints that will be available at the con. There is some variety in the characters, mainly to assess how they would be received and help me refine the artwork for next year. My favourite piece is definitely the Simpsons sprawl canvas which is more my genuine style, it was a tonne of fun and if all things go well I will do a follow up with a Moes Tavern theme as well as another with secondary characters. 

Tic Toc: What's influencing your creativity with your new custom pieces especially KidCoral? 
Secure D: This is a hard one as I am never really sure, I am trying to push what I do with colors as well as take my existing patterns to a new level at the moment, which really is the focus. 

Tic Toc: Will you be doing any live customs or signings at Oz Comic Con? 
Sekure D: With 1 trestle table of space and so much to display and exhibit I do not think I will be able to do any live painting this year, if this con goes as well as I hope it will then I will probably get two spaces next year and use one exclusively for painting live. 
Tic Toc: What's your thoughts on the designer toy & sneaker industry in Australia. 
Sekure D: It is confusing to me, there is a core of passionate collectors which I have met over the years but what I think we need to work on and foster is the sense of community. This is what helps establish the scene and push it to the next level. I know we have some galleries and stores which already display and or sell custom pieces but I hope it will soon go to the next level and become similar to the great sneaker and in general art scene here. I am very much looking forward to that day myself.

Don't forget you catch Sekure D July 6 -7 at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne. Sekure D will also have a few giveaways that he'll release information on via his Instagram and Facebook Page in coming days.

HPC Toys Jail Hero Action Figure

HPC Toys has released it's second action figure 'Jail Hero' on their Facebook Page after launching with A Cop Never Die.

The 12" figure based Nic Cage's character Cameron Poe from Con Air will come with newly sculpted head, narrow shoulder muscle PVC & ABS body, 4 extra hands (6 hands in total), A black pistol, A blue prison shirt, A pair of blue jeans, A white tank top, A white bunny, A pair of black leather shoes and A movie like background attached with the figure box.

Jail Hero will be limited to 500 pieces and can pre-ordered now from HERE for a release at the end of June 2013.

First Look at DC Comics Armoured Lex Luthor Action Figure

Action Figure fans get excited as DC Comics has released this behind the scenes look at the digital sculpting process for The New 52 Armoured Lex Luthor action figure.

Note: This video does not contain any sound.

Fewture to Suppa Man's Rescue

Fewture has released a little something rad for Dr. Slump fans with their 'Suppa Man' figure.

The 9" soft vinyl "superhero" with no powers or sense of justice has articulated arms and head for action poses and his fabric cape (and bow-tie) is ajustable to position in a flying or non flying style. 

Suppa Man will retail for $36 USD + S&H or you can pre-order HERE for a release drop in November 2013.

Toy Break SDCC Indie Toy Secrets Panel

Great news Toy Break in announcing their first panel at SDCC. Toy Break will presents 'Indie Toy Secrets'. So for you budding customizers, designers and producers this mother load of awesomeness you can't miss!
Learn how some of today’s leading independent toy designers have taken their ideas from concept to production and beyond. Find out how action figures, mini figures, plush characters, and resin collectibles come to life with the help of veteran toy makers George Gaspar (October Toys), Scott Tolleson (Stolle Art), H. Eric ‘Cornboy’ Mayse (The Four Horsemen), and Jay Garcia (MANA Studios). Moderated by Ayleen Gaspar (Toy Break).
There will be some rad goodies for attendees and prizes for Q&A participants, so get on down to Room 32AB on July 18, 2013 at SDCC from 8PM to 9PM for some Toy fun and information. *On another note is that a new Toy Break logo we spy on the promo image?