April 26, 2013

Fox McFloyd custom by Chauskoskis for FONZO Loves UK

Get a load of Fox McFloyd by Chauskoskis, for the "FONZO Loves UK" Custom show. Fun fact is that Fox Mc Floyd is a huge Pink Floyd fan with the obvious flying pig & t-shirt plus guitar and amp (see video below).

With a huge line up of talented artists such as MapMap, David Bishop, Drilone, Scott Tolleson, 64Colors, Rsin, Squink, Sergio Mancini, Burundanga Design, Chauskoskis, Ume Toys, Charles Rodríguez, Nakanari, Mr. Mitote, ArtMyMind, Gabriel Carpio, Otto Bjornik, Stu Witter, Camila D´Errico, Double Parlour, The Beast Brothers, Touma,Hugh Rose, GerardMDS, Jeremiah Ketner and Daniel Fleres all in the one exhibition the world might just explode.

To find out more about FONZO Loves UK show by The Sho Gallerycheck out the Facebook event page.