May 15, 2013

Radioactive Uppercut is behind the 8-Ball

John Santagada from Radioactive Uppercut has been teasing us with the 'It's Coming' poster for the last week but now it's been revealed his upcoming debut vinyl line with his first figure '8-Ball'.

The series will feature a number of 4″ designs influenced by all the good things like 80’s toys, garbage pail kids, old sci-fi and horror flicks, and comic books of the 50’s and 60’s. Each figure will be rotocast in vinyl and articulated.

John will be funding the project through Kickstarter July 1st. The basic rewards will be the standard figure along with trading cards and comics. A number of custom 8-Balls have also been donated with artists Frank and Martina Russo from MF Gallery Ed Long and Damien Glonek of Living Dead Dolls and Monsterforge have all confirmed their time and talents so far. While we wait for the Kickstart champaign to begin go check out the Radioactive Uppercut Facebook page here for all the low down.

Hug the Killer has the Bleu's

Mighty Jaxx has released an image of his latest colorway edition of "Hug the Killer" from Nikopicto.

"Painted in light blue, this Hug the Killer is compatible with the previously released Tomenosuke Bad Apple exclusive."
The 4" tall gloss resin Hug the Killer BLEU edition is limited to 50 pieces and will be available May 16 (7pm - Los Angeles / 10pm - New York) and May 17 (10am Singapore). 

Mimoco's BMO Mimobot USB Flashdrive

It's not a toy but it is toy related as Mimoco has released another awesome limited edition licensed Mimobot with Adventure Time’s BMO! 

Mimoco and Cartoon Network's BMO Mimobot USB Flashdrive has a limited run of only 2,000 pieces, comes hand numbered, and is available in up to 128GB. Each BMO Mimobot includes a full Adventure Time episode and BMO themed wallpapers, icons and avatars. So be quick to grab yours from here before they're all gone.

Limited Mini Mecha's from DMS

DMS is launching his first wave of hand cast resin Mini Mecha's, with each painted weathered and battle damaged Mecha standing just under 3" of ultimate awesomeness.

The Mini Mechas will be available in limited colorway releases of Blue Steel (5 pieces only) and Corroded Chrome (11 pieces only) so be quick to grab yours from here this Friday 17.

There's something odd about Sonic

Funko will be releasing yet another franchise later this month with Sonic the Hedgehog and consistently like the other POP! figures the three characters from the popular video game Sonic, Knuckles and Tails all stand at 4" tall. 

Other than each character package in a window box that's where we think the consistency ends.

Sonic appears to be squinting for some reason and we can think of another Funko character who has been designed like this. It may be the photos (supplied by Funko) but the paint on all three figures appears to be a little out of the lines and a bit chunky. 

Like we said it may just be the photos (which isn't great promotion for the product). Sure collectors and fans will buy them and we don't have anything against Funk POP! figures, in fact we love them but are these a less figure than it's predecessors? You can pre-order all three vinyl figures from here with release date at the end of May

Let us know if there are any other characters like Sonic that has different eyes.

Tee of the Day: My Little Alien by Sam Daugherty

Todays tee of the day goes to 'My Little Alien Tee' from Sam Daugherty. This is a mash up between cute horses and evil aliens has resulted in something very cute but also very cool. 

The shirt is in black with a full color image on the front and is available to order online from Symbiote Studios here

Street Fighter 'Akuma' Custom by Rotobox

For Street Fight or Celsius fans you're going to love this 'Akuma' Custom from Rotobox.

His body of work is phenomenal but unfortunately the figure has already sold, however to see more images of this amazing Akuma custom and other work go here.

Billy & Chucky Plush from Mezco

Two of horror's most infamous playthings of the damned, Chucky of Child's Play and Billy the Saw puppet from the Saw movie series is Mezco's next release titled 'Fear of Cinema'. 

The menacing movie murders stand at 8" tall, come as a set of 2 plush figures and can be pre-ordered here for a September release.

The SDCC Funko 57 Exclusives

Funko released hints on all 57 SDCC exclusives they’ll have at the show and offering you the opportunity to get all 57 exclusives and save some cash at the same time. 

Funko is allowing a pre-buy option which will save you $151 and buyers in the US get free shipping, outside the US need to pay shipping. Here is the list (click on to enlarge):

To purchase all the Funko 2013 SDCC exclusives for $799.00, email and they’ll instruct you on what to do next. Do you know what they all are? 

Hulk Smash Minimates

Diamond Select’s next release is Marvel's box set of Hulk Through the Ages, Minimate style. 

You will be able collect the four alternate personalities of the Hulk as Joe Fixit, The Maestro, Barbarian Hulk and Composite Hulk (Red and Green). 

The four Minimates are in a nicely designed window display packaging and can be pre-order here or your local comic store with an expected release of June 5.