July 3, 2013

Rocketboy Customs and Vinyl Riot's "Angry Littles".

Over the last week you might have noticed Rocketboy Customs slowly posting their latest series "Angry Littles". Now Vinylriot has announce the release of these awesome hulks of goodness.

These nicely detailed 2.5" Micro Munny customs inspired by the Angry Green Giant come blind boxed for $60 USD per set and can be purchased from HERE July 6 2013. 

Philip Lumbang's Awesome Bear from Dragatomi

Dragatomi has announced the long awaited arrival of the Hug Life 'Awesome Bear' figure from artist Philip Lumbang which will debut at SDCC.

Sculptured by Chauskoskis this awesome bear reminiscent of beloved Saturday morning cartoon animals stands 6.5" tall and has 2 pints of articulation. No word on how much this super cute vinyl figure will be but you can pick him up the SDCC Dragatomi booth (5350).

Super Caped Cavey's to the Rescue

We spied HERE Cavey's teaser for their Super exclusive, now Cavey has revealed an image  of the two 'Super Caped' Caveys. 

The super cute Blue and Pink Cavey's both wear caps that are cut from felt. But be quick as the both are limited to 15 pieces each. Super Blue however is a Dragatomi exclusive at their booth (5350) for only $30 USD and can akso pre-order Pink HERE from July 18.

SDCC exclusive Evel Fett: ‎Boba Edition from 3DRetro and Retro Outlaw

3DRetro have announced a new addition to their already rad SDCC line up with Retro Outlaw Studios' 'Evel Fett: Boba Edition'.

The 12" Galactic Bounty Hunter Stuntman comes a removable cape and swagger stick in retro-style window box packaging. Even more exciting there will be 2 versions available with the Boba edition available exclusively at the 3DRetro booth (5051) for $120 USD. But be quick as the Galactic Stuntman is limited to only 200 pieces.

Gary Ham and Flat Bonnie's SDCC Exclusive Flat Wooper

The combined talents of Gary Ham and Flat Bonnie have collaborated to produce "Flat Wooper" for SDCC. 

This exclusive plush is a massive 10" tall that is impressively hand sewn fleece with Tiffany blue pleather accents. This awesome Wooper is limited to just 20 pieces with a numbered sewn in tag and a signed hang tag for just $45 USD. The super cute Flat Wooper can be picked up at Gary Ham's booth (5139) so be quick to grab yours.

Who's your Daddy with 'Darth Pon' from KusoVinyl

There is no disturbance in the force with KusoVinyl releasing the latest character in their KusoPon line titled 'Darth Pon'.

Designed by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica the 3.4" tall is only limited to only 500 pieces worldwide with 100 pieces as Ghost chase editions. Debuting at SDCC for only $12 each, the Dark Lord vinyl will be available at the KusoVinyl Booth (5642).

Toys 'R' Us SDCC 1966 Batmobile Exclusive

This is something we couldn't miss the chance on posting the announcement of the SDCC exclusive of the classic 1966 Batmobile from Toys 'R' Us.
It’s the iconic Batmobile in the style of the classic Batman television series! With room for two 6” action figures (sold separately), this classic TV vehicle allows fans to send any dynamic duo into crime-fighting action!

The classic crime fighting machine will be $60 USD and any of the Toys 'R' US exclusives like this one will be available at the Entertainment Earth booth (2343). But goes new for those who don't make it to SDCC, ToysRUs.com will have the Batmobile available for purchase from July 18.

Super Comfy Adios Star Pillow from tokidoki

We love a good comfy yet artistic pillow like HERE and HERE and now thanks to tokidoki we have the Adios Star Pillow.

The massive 22" tall pillow is made from specially crafted super soft fleece giving a sense of comfort and relaxation, So if you need to chill out a bit you can grab yourself Adios Star Pillow from HERE for only $30 USD.

12 New Funko POP! Exclusives

Just when you think the Funko train is slowing down they go and release an onslaught of new POP figures. ToyWiz have announced My Little Pony metallic exclusive figures of Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie you can buy separately HERE for $9.99 USD, or together HERE for $18.99 USD. Rainbow Dash on the other hand appears to be only available for all three together HERE at $27.99 USD.

Funko continued to reveal more SDCC exclusives by revealed their next series from The Big Bang Theory. The POP vinyl figures of Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj are wearing Star Trek uniforms while in the middle of transporting.

With the recent release of the hit animated film Despicable Me 2 it was only a matter of time before we saw Dave and the Evil Minion but like My Little Pony they too are in metallic form. A glow in the dark Carl will also be available to serve your collection. you'll be able to get your hands on both the Big Bang Theory guys and Dispicable Me 2 minions from the Funk SDCC booth (5343).

Last but not least comes from the Marvel range with very limited editions Metallic Deadpool and Metallic Ghost Rider both will be available for $15.00 USD from the SDCC Marvel booth (2329).

Adolescent Hyperactive Ninja Monkeys

Hyperactive Monkey have announce their SDCC Exclusive release with the rad 'Adolescent Hyperactive Ninja Monkeys' 

Sculpted by Squidkids Ink and produced by Mana Studios the homage to those heroes in a half shell stands at 5” tall. The glow in the dark resin figures feature a rad cloth mask, 2 katana blades, 2 ninja stars, and a kusarigama. But be quick to check out Hyperactive Monkey booth (5644) as they are limited to only 45 pieces for $70 USD each.