June 27, 2013

3DRetro SDCC Exclusive Brandi Milne 'Suger Lamb, Go!'

We might as well hand over all our life savings to 3DRetro who have released two exclusives HERE and HERE for SDCC so far and now we have a trifecta with Brandi Milne's 'Suger Lamb, Go!'.

This beautifully designed 7″ figure is limited to only 200 pieces for $90 USD and is the Tsecond “Ride” figure 3DRetro has produced Brandi. 

But be quick to get to the 3DRetro booth (5051) and ride on high that you grabbed a Suger Lamb, Go!

Rad 'Star Wars: Rebels' Packaging from ENGELHA5T

They might not be action figures just yet but ENGELHA5T's done an awesome job of mocking up some backer cards for the up and coming "Star Wars: Rebels" animated series due in 2014.

We're totally digging this artwork and hope someone at Hasbro is keeping an eye on this guy. Check out the rest of ENGELHA5T's totally rad DeviantART gallery by going HERE.

Darren Clegg's Rad Steampunk Stewie

We spied HERE at the start of the week Darren Clegg aka Klang Customs a new custom he was working on, now Darren has released the very cool 'Steampunk Stewie and his Mechanical Cephalopod'.

The 6.5" high, 9" wide and 8" long steampunk inspired custom uses Mr. Capman Kanser and Stewie Griffin this wonderfully detailed figure reminiscent of an old pulp adventure film. What makes the Mechanical Cephalopod so cool is the red light that illuminates the eyes and base if the figure.

The great news is 'Steampunk Stewie' can be yours for only $230 USD + S&H HERE at the Collect & Display store. The bad news is that there is only one so be quick to own this rad figure.

10 Awesome Action Figure Movie Posters

Here are 10 awesome blockbuster movie posters that have replaced our favorite actors with their action figure counterparts. 


Note, we don't have any info on the creators of these posters but would love too. So if you are one of the creators or know who did come up with these ace posters, let us know. 

Nathan Hamill's has 'Curiosity' for Vinyl Riot

We only just posted HERE the other day about Nathan Hamill's newest project Octopup, now Vinyl Riot has released details of Nathan's other project 'Curiosity'.

The 5" Lava edition comes in a semi-transparent yellow and red hues and is very limited to 10 pieces only. 

So be quick to grab your totally rad Curiosity while their hot at the Vinyl Riot store HERE June 29.

Super7 Double SDCC Exclusive Only Vinyl Figures

Super7 has announced two SDCC only exclusives with 'Foster' and 'Crystal Mecha' designed by Brain Flynn.

The 3" tall Foster 'Glitter Grape' comes in a translucent purple glitter vinyl with light blue sprays and will be available $25 USD each.

The 9" Crystal Mecha has 7 points of articulation. Part of the Destroy All Kaiju line this monsters jewel beast is available in a glossy black with translucent orange soft vinyl for $95 USD each.

Unfortunately for those not attending both of these figures are only available at SDCC from the Super7 booth (5245) and will not be sold after the event online.

'The Imp' Vincent Edition by FOS x Unbox Industries

Created by FOSUnbox Industries has revealed the super creepy cool 'The Imp' Vincent Edition. 

The nearly 6" shadowy black vinyl with a glow from the inside out through its eyes figure has 4 points of articulation (hands and arms) and comes bagged with a header card designed by FOS himself. The Imp is available now for pre-order from HERE for $30 USD June 27 and due for release July.

Toy Girls 33 : Creamy by Gary Baseman

Back in April we posted HERE about Gary Baseman's Creamy figure from 3DRetro. Now Toy Break's Toy Girls Ayleen and Sarah Jo show off Creamy in real life.

To pre-order this melting goodness for $55 USD, check out The Skirball online store HERE with a July 2013 release. 

K13 Toys Introduces 'Larva Skull' to 3 New Colors

K13 Toys has posted on their Facebook Page an image of Larva Skull's newest colorways that will appear exclusively at this years Taipei International Toy exhibition.

"LARVA SKULL Comes from an ancient like shape chinese word (髑 - Dead Mans Skull) The sentimental Journey of the baby bodied skull like symbol, crawling like a larvae."

The rad 2.3" Skull Octopus hybrids will be available in Iron, Black and Red for $36 USD at the show and then $46 USD + S&H from HERE after the show.