June 23, 2013

Medicom 40th Anniversary Mazinger Z Figure

Produced by Bear ModelMedicom Toy has released their exclusive 40th anniversary Mazinger Z figure.

The 10″ tall soft vinyl figure from the classic 1972 manga series including a special header packaging reminiscent of the era. You can now pre-order the the rad Mazinger Z figure HERE July 24.

Bandai Releases Space Battleship Yama

Bandai as posted images on their Facebook Page of the rad Soul of Chogokin Space Battleship Yamato 2199.

The 17" long die-cast replica from the classic 1974 anime series Space Battleship Yamato (Star Blazers). 

The main body with a bucket load of extras of a removable stability wing, 2 replacement Rocket Anchors, 2 Kosumozero fighters, 2 6-Cosmo Falcon Fighters and a body pedestal remote control with LED's in the control room, rear engines and wave motion gun. 

The Battleship Yamato will go for $277 USD and is due for release later in the year.

Jazwares Release World War Z Action Figures

Photos of Jazwares' mysterious line of World War Z action figures have been unveiled. 

The 6" figure series consists of Civilian Zombie & Special Forces Zombie and Paramedic Zombie & Gerry Lane can now be pre-ordered from HERE for $37.99 per set of two and will be released at the end of June 2013.

Rumble Monster Release Seven Prototype

Rumble Monsters have released a new figure titled “Seven Prototype”.

The 4.75″ tall soft vinyl rad robot is articulated to transform into a tank like vehicle and are priced at $60 USD for 'Laser' and $47 USD for the 'Blank' version. 

You pre-order the very cool Seven Prototype now by visiting the One-Up store HERE.

BanaNa ViruS' Loic Bear

BanaNa ViruS has released the first images on his Facebook Page of his latest creation 'Loic'.

The 8.2" tall soft vinyl hexagonal bear comes boxed in beautiful fragrance style packaging and will be officially launched at the Taipei Toy Festival with a limited run of 60 pieces at the Instinctoy booth (A34) for $80 USD. 

If you can't make it to TTF13, no worries as you can also pre-order yours directly through BanaNa ViruS by sending the following details: Name, Address, Phone number, The name of the product and Address for PayPal to contact@instinctoy.net. But be quick as Loic is limited to only 59 pieces through BanaNa ViruS with a release in July.

CS Moore Studio SDCC exclusive 'Tox'

CS Moore Studio has announced their Mondo-chi SDCC exclusive 'Tox'.
Tox presents the "little dog with the big attitude" as a day-glo mutant superhero mondo-Chihuahua. Is he toxic? Crazy? Dangerous? A defender of fandom? Open the full color collector box and find out...we dare you.

The 3″ tall head and arm articulated vinyl mutant chihuahua was designed by the talented illustrator and animation art director Dan Hipp and is priced at $24.99 USD and includes a limited edition Tox Mondo-chi print. 

So be sure to check out the CS Moore Studio's booth (2800) to grab your rad Tox vinyl figure or you can pre-order HERE for it to be released after SDCC.

Bad Juju and Sket-One SDCC Purple Dripple

Making their debut in style at last years Designer Con, the guys at Bad Juju with their Kickstarter Dripple designed by Sket-One, are releasing a Purple Dripple SDCC Exclusive.

The limited edition 6” blue resin collectable can be yours at the Toy Tokyo booth (5337) with Sket One at the booth, Thursday July 18 at 3pm and Friday July 19 at 4pm to get your Dripple signed. No word on how much yet, but our guess is that it will be in line with the Blue Dripple at around $135 USD (but don't quote us on it ;). 

It's Gold for Squid Kids Ink SDCC 10-Doh Exclusive

With the success of Nate Mitchell's 2nd series 10-Doh Kickstater champaignSquid Kids Ink have been officially announced by SDCC to be releasing a special exclusive Gold Mini 10-Doh! 

This rad 3.5” tall ABS and PVC plastic video game cartridge, nicely incorporates the SDCC official logo into the design, making this 10-Doh a more memorable figure to start or add to your collection. You can pick up your Gold Mini 10-Doh goodness from the Squid Kids Ink’s booth (5150) for $20 and let's hope there's a release for those of us who can't attend. 

Robby the Robot SDCC Previews Exclusive

Previews has an SDCC exclusive for all you Robot or Forbidden Planet  fans with two 'Robby the Robot' figures. 

This 1956 classic sci-fi movie 7” figure has 12 points of articulation and comes in a Blue and Purple colorway with each version limited to only 200 pieces. You can own your Robby's by visiting the Previews booth (2401) or by pre-ordering  HERE for only $74.99 each.

NECA's Spider Gremlin

NECA has announced one of the most impressive and yet freakish Gremlin figures ever with the "Spider Gremlin".

"An incredible re-creation of the puppet seen in Gremlins 2: The New Batch the Spider Gremlin features a hinged jaw, ball jointed shoulders, elbows, and wrists and 8 massive spider legs that are also articulated in 3 places each! In total over 30 points of articulation!!" - NECA

The monstrous half Gremlin half Spider hybrid will stand at a massive 10″ tall, approx 15″ wide and 12″ Deep. This holy grail of any Gremlins collection will be a limited run and due for release sometime in August. We'll keep you posted when a date and location for purchasing is available.