May 16, 2013

Jeff Lamm's Mecha Greasebat is a Monster Worship

Monster Worship have just released an image of Jeff Lamm’s new figure 'Mecha Greasebat' 

The unpainted black vinyl Mecha Greasebat stands 9” tall with 7 points of articulation along with a number of different arm attachments. There's no official release date and price on the this awesome figure but we'll keep you up to date.

Series 6 Revealed for Task One's Pillaging Pop Culture

We've posted before about Task One's rad "Pillaging Pop Culture, Series 1" blind boxed custom series that depicts Task's spin on 'The Muppets'. The three figures being released this wave is Sgt Floyd Pepper, Animal, and Janice. Each wave is only available for two weeks so get on Wave 5 quick when it's released this Sunday! 

Each blind box is $40 a piece or $100 for all 3. Wave 6 is available May 19 at the Tenacious Toys store here.

Amanda Visell's Amazing Wooden Figures

Vinyl Paulse alert us to the awesome work of Amanda Visell who has created several amazing 1/1 original pop culture inspired wood figures. 

These new pieces five new Disney-based ‘Wood Idols’ of Cruella de Vil, Eeyore with removable tail, Sleeping Beauty Witch, Captain Hook and Dumbo. Each of these amazing new idols is available here.

It's Disturbia for Drew Millward Popobawa

Disturbia Clothing has 150 pieces of the awesome standard version 'Popobawa'. The 6" tall vinyl figure is the first-born toy from Disturbia and Drew Millward.  

The very colorful Popobawa comes boxed in bespoke packaging and can purchased now from the Desturbia Clothing store here 

Holy New Images of Funko POP!'s 1966 Batman Series

We post why back in April about the artwork for the new Funk POP! 1966 Batman series. Well the Funko Pop! Vinyl Fan Page has posted images of a few of the upcoming characters of Batman, Robin, The Joker and Catwoman.

All four dynamically detailed figures come window display packaging and are now available for pre-order from here with a release due in September.

VTSS Designer Toys Bounce, Bounce Boy

VTSS Designer Toys post an image of their new production 'Bounce Boy', a hand painted and sculptured figure by Taiwan Graffiti artist Bounce. The 12" tall resin sculpture has glow in the dark eyes, awesome boombox ears and amazing detail. 

Bounce Boy will be displayed this weekend at Young Art Taipei with an official release to be announced soon.

Dolly Oblong's Cool Billy Blue

We posted only yesterday about Dolly Oblong's Bobo and now we see the hits just keep on coming with new images of Dolly's latest "Billy Blue". 

This individual 3" vinyl Kidrobot Dunny custom is pretty hot for this freezing chap who comes with fishing rod, fish and is standing on a handmade piece of ice floe.

Billy Blue package includes custom gift jar, sticker, certificate of authenticity and will be up for grabs here May 16.

Paul Kaiju makes a Slugbeard

Paul Kaiju has released an image thanks to Toy Art Gallery of his latest upcoming
figure 'Slugbeard'.

"This big ugly twisted sea baby is scheduled for bath tub clogging and kiddie pool deflating this summer at a date to be determined!" - Paul Kaiju

The multi articulated detail on Slugbeard is pretty impressive and that Flail looks like it's ready to do some serious damage. No further word on where or when it will be released but we can't wait to see the end result.

Casino Royale Lego Style

The opening sequence of James Bond movie Casino Royale has been recreated using LEGO.

Reddit user Duncanmcconchie created the video in only two weekends which is amaing considering the quality. It has since picked up almost half a million views on YouTube in just two days.

Kanicoro is a Monster Surprise of Cuteness

Chima Group the masters of cute have top themselves with their newest release 'Kanicoro' (Monster Surprise), the Tempura Crab .

There's no word on when and where the vinyl Kanicoro will be released but how can you not want to take one or of these cute little guys when when they are?

Star Wars' Zuckuss is a Gentle Giant

Gentle Giants has released images of the next in line for The Star Wars Jumbo vintage series with ZuckussDigitally scanned from the 3 3/4" figure Zuckuss using roto and injected moulds using durable plastic.

The giant figure is well articulated and comes with his signature blaster rifle. Zuckuss will be available for pre-order at the end of May here and available for release in the first quarter of next year.

Monster High's Webarella is an SDCC Exclusive

Wydowna Spider will appear as a Power Ghoul named Webarella as an SDCC exclusive Monster High doll as the daughter of Arachne has made her appearance on Monster High's Facebook page.

You can pre-order Wydowna Spider through Matty Collector June 4, t to pick up at SDCC and online at a later date not yet disclosed.

Diamond Selects Picard as the Next Generation of Figures

Diamond Select's next Star Trek Select figure is the awesome Captain Jean-Luc Picard from The Next Generation. The figure has Picard battle ready, phaser in hand with a fallen Borg at his feet of the base. 

Diamond Select says the figure will have some articulation and will feature Picard in his outfit from the series. No info of when a release date on one of Star Treks most beloved Captains but we'll keep you apprised.