July 1, 2013

DC Collectibles 'Bombshells' Batgirl

The New York Post got the exclusive reveal from DC Collectibles of their latest “Bombshells” Batgirl statue.

DC’s Bombshells line reimagines the company’s strongest women characters as 1940s- and ‘50s-style archetypes: sort of Rosie-the-Riveter-meets-Pin-Up-Girl. So far, we’ve seen Wonder WomanSupergirl and Harley Quinn. - New York Post

Designed by Ant Lucia and sculpted by Tim Miller is nicely detailed and will make a fine addition to Bombshells line. This awesome Bombshell Batgirl statue stands at 10.5" high and is due out in January 2014 for $125 USD.

When Harry Meet RedmakiToy

Justin Tseng from RedmakiToy has released the first images of their new figure of Harry. 

Story: On 26th April 1986, at 01:23, Chernobyl's number 4 nuclear reactor exploded, releasing large quantities of radiation and contaminating an enormous area of the Soviet Union. This forced the government to quickly evacuate the entire human population, but nobody took care of the animals. Two weeks after the disaster, a baby monkey was born in Prypiat's zoo. Radiation must have affected him, for he was evidently different from all of his kind.

The 6.3" resin radioactive monkey features teeth made from Bamboo, which is pretty cool and a skull toxic drum accessory. You can now pre-order this rad primate for $80 USD from HERE and due for release in August 2013.

Steam Factory's "Dobby & Rabbog" Knight Captain Locke.

Steam Factory has released images of their latest action figure "Dobby & Rabbog" Knight Captain Locke.

The 1/6 scale figure comes with metal mask which can open (with an unexpected surprise inside) and will be a limited edition of 200 sets

Each figure comes with a separate number with the first 100 sets containing Dobbtis treasure map. No word on where or how much but we'll keep you posted.

SDDC Exclusive Shredder from Playmates Toys and Nickelodeon

Turtles fan rejoice as Playmates Toys and Nickelodeon will debuting a special SDCC Shredder action figure. The arch-nemesis of the Turtles stands at 5.75" tall, ready for battle with his metallized razor-sharp armor, helmet and newly sculpted scared face while standing on a customized sewer lid. 

The Shredder comes packed in his one of a kind, four color closed box and is available in very limited quantities at the SDCC Nickelodeon booth (4113). Official pricing hasn’t been revealed but it will most likely be around the $20 USD price like last year’s Night Shadow Leonardo figure.

Ghost Of The Narwhal - Sakana from Haus Of Boz

Check out this first release from the beautifully Irezumi themed resin series by Haus Of Boz titled "Ghost Of The Narwhal - Sakana".

STORY: 'In the most secluded depths of the tides, concealed in the swirling, sunless water, rest the bones of the narwhals, bare, and silent in the sand, yet their defiant souls remain.  Refusing to abandon the site of their greatest victories, the Ghosts of the Narwhals, haunt the wrecks of sunken whaling boats, like relics.  Through the gloaming, they rise from the spectral realms to protect their timeworn bones from those that would disturb their eternal peace beneath the waves.  Inspired by one of nature's strangest curiosities, the Narwhal, the ancient art of scrimshaw, and Herman Melville's Moby Dick, the first, Irezumi-themed wave of Ghost Of The Narwhal resins begins with Sakana - meaning 'Fish' in Japanese.'

This single piece resin cast is painted with a base of pearlescent acrylics and decorated with traditional Irezumi subjects, the Koi carp, maple leaves and cherry blossoms. The piece is finished matt and gloss varnishes, and signed on the base. 

This 1/1 original sculpted and hand-painted can be yours HERE July 2nd, 2013 for $99 USD + S&H.

October Toys SDCC Exclusive Baby Deadbeets

We're a bit late to the party on this one, but the October Toys July issue of Scott Tolleson’s Baby Deadbeets is worth beeting the drum about. 

The SDCC George Gaspar sculpted exclusives will come in a set with the two colorways of Blue and Yellow. The 1.5″ PVC figures will come packaged with an exclusive header card. These exclusive Baby Deadbeets will only be sold as a set at the October Toys SDCC booth (4951) for only $4 USD, you'd have to be a Dead Beet not grab one or more.

Charles Rodriguez's 'NANOOK' King of the Polar Bears.

The awesomely talented designer Charles Rodriguez has done it again with 'NANOOK' King of the Polar Bears.

The four week custom project customised from a coarse 'Paw!' is beautiful detailed with Stone axe, it's wooden handel and leather bindings on the weapon and figure.

For those of you eager to grab this 12" vinyl King will be disappointed to know that it has already sold, however check out Charles' other work on his Facebook page HERE and website HERE for more awesome work.

The Loyal Subjects Black Optimus Prime SDCC Exclusive

We posted HERE back in April about The Loyal Subjects’ Transformers blind box series, now it has been announcement that there'll be an SDCC Exclusive 10” Optimus Prime! 

The rad 3" black riddled with bullets Optimus Prime vinyl figure from the Transformers can be picked up from the Bait SDCC booth (4632) for $110.

'When It Rains, It Pours' for Squink!'s 'First Day'

"When It Rains, It Pours: Evolution" for Squink! new custom Dunny edition known as "First Day".

Chris Squink has released the first images of two regular versions, Purity (White) and Shadow (Black), and the 1/1 chasers that will be randomly shipped of Purity (Pearlescent White) and Shadow (Light Reactive Black).

Each one comes packaged in a signed and numbered eco-friendly ribbon tied gift box, except the chase versions which come in a latch closing wooden box for $85 USD + Shipping.

You will only have a 3 hour window from 11AM to 2PM Pacific time to pre-order yours HERE July 4 2013, 

SoKo Cat's Delicious Candy/Carmel Apple Dunny's

Just looking at SoKo Cat's new custom Dunny series 'Candy/Carmel Apple' makes our mouth water.

These delicous 3" vinyl figures are still awaiting for their additional sticks along with bit of detail on the apple, artificial sprinkles/nuts on the candy/caramel coat. 

You can now pre-order these radilicous Apples from HERE for only $50 USD + Shipping with a September release due.

SDCC Exclusive Alien, Predator and Metallic Turtles!

With SDCC so close it's no wonder that Funko is releasing six more exclusives! We posted HERE Funko's first Teenage Mutant NinjaTurtle release and now we have a shinier exclusive version of the four heroes in a half shell come in a metallic green. 

These limited edition 3.75” tall vinyl figures, feature one point of articulation and come packaged in a full color window box. 

Just when you thought it couldn't get any cooler, we have a Blood Splattered Alien and Predator 3.75” tall vinyl figures from the Pop! Movies vinyl figure series and also come packaged in a full color window box.

If your a fan of any of these or just a Funko collector, purchases for these rad Pop! Funko’s can be made at Funko's official SDCC booth (5343) while supplies last.