May 1, 2013

3rd Annual Clutter 'Designer Toy Awards' announced! Vote for Us!

With a brand new website and new rules to how vote will be in some categories the Designer Toy Awards come out firing with the announcement of their 3rd annual awards ceremony. 

The Designer Toy Awards are now open for nominations in a variety of categories from both professionals and fans from May 1 until May 15 so  head over now and register to nominate HERE!

Arthur from Ghouls and Ghosts Becomes a Mini Figure

Check out this first look at the excellent keshi gomu Arthur mini figure from the much loved classic Ghouls and Ghosts game from Capcom. 

Arthur stands at 2" tall and was released by Zoomoth as licensed figure at Winter Wonder Festival 2013 or Wonfes. The only unfortunate detail that's missing from Arther is his sword.

No other details on where you can purchase him or for how much, but as soon as we know you will too.

Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern Play Arts Kai Figures

Square Enix has released official images of the upcoming DC Comics Play Arts Kai figures. 
These bad ass variant figures of BatmanWonder Woman and Green Lantern stand at 11" tall and come with additional hands and weapon accessories for those heroic poses. 

Each figure will retail for approx. $90 USD and due to drop in August from here.

Tee of the Day: Kenner Rorschach by Super7

Our Tee of the Day goes to Kenner Rorschach by Super7. This tee features the original 21 STAR WARS action figures released by Kenner in the 70s and arranged in a Rorschach pattern. 

The 100% cotton Kenner Rorschach tee is only available in Black with silver ink and can be purchased from here starting May 4 for May the Fourth Day celebrations.

YUB YUB Tado are exhibiting at Gallery Nucleus

TADO are taking part in Gallery Nucleus amazing tribute shows with ‘Saga in The Stars: A Tribute to a Galaxy Far Far Away’. Their pieces for the show are an edition of hand made paper clay originals, based on the infamous Ewoks!

The show opens on May the 4th but the pieces will be available via the Gallery Nucleus website, and you can sign up for the online preview which will begin on May 3rd. Check out all the info about the show here.

Stan "The Man" Lee is Customizing with 3CoconutMonkey YO!

With only being in the market a little over a year, it appears 3CoconutMonkey's humanoid YO! figure has made an impression with Stan "The Man" Lee and his POW! Entertainment group as they have teamed up to promote DIY vinyl.

The packaging has been re-designed to show Stan's partnership with the project which will definitely raise YO's profile even more.

To make things even cooler, Stan has a custom YO! contest on his website where you can win heaps of awesome prizes including the ultimate prize of a meet-and-greet with Stan 'The Man' Lee himself.

To find out more info check out Stan's site here.