May 18, 2013

Wheelhouse's Algernon ChiffChaff is ready for DIY

Now that Wheelhouse have successfully achieved their pledge goal on Shopstarter (Congrats) which we posted here. We now see the first release of their Nautilus character 'Algernon ChiffChaff' as a 4" tall DIY vinyl figure.

Algernon also comes with his rad Crossbow accessory and can be pre-order from the Vinyl Riot store HERE for an October release. 

Tic Top 5: Interview with Luke Cheuh

Welcome to Tic Top 5 where we ask an artist or specialist the hard hitting questions (not really they're actual quite easy). Todays artist is LA based Luke Chueh: Illustrator, Designer, Sculpter, Painter and Exhibitionist.

Starting out as a Graphic Designer but producing his own zine (E.X.P) it wasn't until Chueh moved to LA that his focus shifted to painting due to low job prospects. It was Cannibal Flower an underground artshow that his talents were recognised as an artist of individualistic quality.

"Employing minimal color schemes, simple animal characters, and a seemingly endless list of ill-fated situations, Chueh stylistically balances cute with brute, walking the fine line between comedy and tragedy." - Luke Chueh

His talent for painting his signature White Bear brought the attention to create the now famous front cover for Fall Out Boys "Folie à Deux". Now Chueh has had his Paintings, Drawing and even Vinyl Toys featured around the world.

Chueh's work is more than just paint on a canvas or sculpted pieces, they emote strong feelings (positive or negative) without warrant which is a rear quality in modern art. We know Luke Chueh is busy but grateful for taking the time to answer the Tic Top 5:

  1. How did you start in the industry of creating & customizing?
    I started making toys in 2006. I guess my paintings simply lend them to becoming toys. I discovered toy customizing when the qeedrophonic book came out. It featured custom qee's (by Toy2R) from everyone like Frank Kozik to Shepard Fairey. I wanted to be a bad ass like these guys, so I started creating my own customs.
  2. What was the first toy or item you customized or created?
    The first toy I ever customized was a qee.
  3. What influences you?
    My influences come from everywhere. But I'd say my art is most influences by my life experiences and the work of my colleagues.
  4. What are your weapons of choice?
    My weapon/medium of choice is acrylic paint. And I'd need a pencil too.
  5. If you could collaborate with anyone (living or dead) who would it be?
    I don't really play well with others, so I can't say there is an artist I yearn to collaborate with. Maybe Yoshitomo Nara.

If you'd like to know more about the awesome Luke Chueh's body of work here's his links:
Website: Luke Chueh
Facebook: Official Page
Twitter: @lukechueh
Google +: Official Page

Who's next in the Tic Top 5 hot seat?

Thunder Puss 65' Mace of Fur-y Edition

Thanks to the heads up from DuBose Art & Design present their latest custom bootleg release, 'Thunder Puss 65' - Mace of Fur-y Edition. 

The 3.75″ tall with a 5″ long curled tail figure is kit-bashed and re-sculpted from a variety of different action figures. 

This ferocious feline is packaged with a custom sculpted ‘Mace of Fur-y’ with this initial run of blue and orange cast resin limited to only 10 pieces. So to secure your awesome Thunder Puss go HERE now.

Tee of the Day: Chipp Target by Ferg

Today's Tee of the Day goes to 'Chipp Target' by Ferg. Sure, wearing a target on your t-shirt might seem like a bad idea, but doesn't it look awesome? 

The tee is only available on a light grey Squadt Chipp Target graphic on an army green 100% cotton tee. To get this awesome tee go HERE at Rotofugi.

Donius Apius from DonP

Check out these rad pics of DonP's Mongolian Ape Warlord 'Donius Apius'. This custom  figure is made for the BeeFy & Co. SDCC GTW Custom Show "The Ghost Within Us". 

From helmet, sword and shield the detail is amazing but in the face specifically, every wrinkle bump & line is superb. But what makes Donius a super bad ass is his awesome cigar. Be on the look out for this at SDCC.

Universal Monsters Black & White Box Set

Universal Monsters Black & White Box Set 03 is the latest release from Diamond Select. Designed and Sculpted by Gabriel Marquez and Jean St.Jean
"Between 1923 and 1958, Universal Studios released over 60 different monster movies, all in black-and-white, that gave the film world some of its most iconic characters."

This deluxe collectors' box set of three of the most famous and rad Universal Monsters: The Invisible Man, The Phantom of the Opera, and The Metaluna Mutant from This Island Earth all in their original black and white appearances! These 7" tall, articulated window boxed figures are exclusively available as a set to pre-order from HERE and released in October. 

DC ARTFX New 52 Deathstroke Statue is a Killer

Kotobukiya released images of their upcoming DC ARTFX New 52 Deathstroke statue on their Facebook page. The Junnosuke Abe sculpted 12" tall statue features a removable faceplate held in place by a magnet and a dynamic pose of Slade ready to do battle.

Slade Wilson is the perfect villain/antihero to add to your collection, and he looks great displayed alongside previous DC ARTFX Statues like Batman Black Costume or future New 52 releases!

No online pre-orders are being taken yet but we do know Deathstroke is slated for release in November.