April 26, 2013

Mattel’s Miniature WWE Wrestlers Line is the No.1 Action Figure

According to NPD data, Mattel’s line of miniature WWE wrestlers is the No.1 action figure property in the U.S., beating out heavy hitters such as G.I. Joe, Star Wars and Marvel.

“We work really closely with WWE, and based on what we see on the show, we talk to WWE about which characters we want to see in the next wave of figures,” Handy said. “We’ll get WWE’s approval, then we’ll work on initial sculpts of each figure, and that can take a little going back and forth as guys will shave their heads or shave their beards or get a different hair style. But we do the best we can to keep things up to date. We try to be as current as we possibly can to what you’re seeing on the show.”  - Derek Handy
To read more of the interview with Derek Handy about what goes into being No.1 check out the ESPN link here.