May 31, 2013

Spiki The Wolfman

Designed by Maihiro and Kuso Vinyl, Spiki The Wolfman is still howling around town.

This 4" tall, articulated arms and head is limited to 500 pieces worldwide, with 100 pieces of them is a chase figure of Teen Wolf, oh how cool to have one of them.

Each leader of his one man wolf pack comes blind boxed, randomly assorted and can be purchased from HERE.

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Medium Talking Light Up Plush

With the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who it's of no surprise that we keep seeing new releases of the time traveller from Galafrey. This time it's the Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Medium Talking Light Up Plush!

Measuring 8" tall the 11th Doctor plush comes complete with bow-tie and his trusty sonic screwdriver. The sonic screwdriver in-fact not only lights up but the Doctor speaks the phrase, "Hello, I'm the Doctor," and emits sounds taken from the Doctor Who TV show. You can pre-order your very own Doctor Who HERE for a release due in July.

Tee of the Day: The Golden Age by Bots & Babes

Our tee of the day goes to The Golden Age by Bots & Babes. The mascots Mighty Mars and Jupiter from Bots & Babes are featured on the cover of this awesomely "classic" comic cover.

Screen Printed on an American Apparel Brand T-Shirt and made from high quality 100% Ring Spun Cotton, this tee is available in Red from HERE for $29.99 USD plus shipping.

Doc Von Block Wooden Figure

Tenacious Toys released images of Stolleart Studio's X-Ray version of Doc Von Block created by Scott Tolleson and he looks awesome. 

"Born and raised as the only child of successful circus performers,  Bobby Von Block was a lonely, misunderstood child who was often teased by the other children for being too square. He spent much of his time studying physics, carpentry and mind reading. His best and only friend throughout childhood was  his homemade assistant, Ivan the Beaker. After high school Bobby dropped out of  college because he found it too difficult trying to obtain a PhD in Happy  Sciences. Instead, he decided to focus on earning a Master of Madness in Evil  Sciences. Von Block now lives deep in the forest of Transylgrainia where he  spends his days concocting formulas to destroy butterflies, unicorns, bunny  rabbits and all other cheerful creatures."

Doc Von Block stands at 5" tall, each accompanied by an Ivan the Beaker accessory. These toys are made of 100% high grade wood and packaged in keepsake wood boxes, how awesome is that. Each Doc is unique due to the staining on the wood grain and is limited to only 150 pieces for only $55 at the Tenacious Toys online store HERE so be quick.