April 13, 2013

Luke Chueh and Scott Tolleson get Bartholomew Punchyface with each other

Bartholomew Punchyface is the collaborative efforts of artists Luke Chueh and Scott Tolleson. Chueh's cynical narratives combined with Tolleson's nerd chic culminate into a character anyone who's had a hard time in school can empathise with. This limited edition plush bear is produced by the always progressive 3DRetro and A little Stranger

The quality of Bartholomew Punchyface is amazing with the sleeves and knee patches are doubled up in true nerd fashion. Bartholomew also sports pants that are actually cords held up with a real belt and back butt area that’s loose enough so you can give him a wedgie! Bartholomew also wears the Tolleson print with pride and will be available in three different colors.

Bartholomew Punchyface is the most pathetic nerd bear you'll ever meet but also the cutest.  You will soon be able to purchase him from 3DRetro to bully him or save him from the
other bullies out there. 

Kylie Minogue Designer Vinyl

Pop sensation Kylie Minogue has produced six vinyl figurines. Each representing an iconic outfit or era in her career. The Kylie vinyls of Homecoming, La La La, Aphrodite, Showgirl, Spinning Around and So Lucky look a lot like a cross between Funko POP! & Bratz Dolls.

Each figure series is limited to only 500 and can be purchased directly from Kylie Minogue's store

Fine Artist and Sculptor, Jaesun Kim opens up to Thrash Lab

Jaesun Kim is an all around impressive and resourceful artist with amazing detail. Jaesun can paint, creates sculptures, is an accomplished photography and illustrator. This video from Thrash Lab "Profiles" shows Jaesun Kim in her home art studio, where she shares the story behind her Korean upbringing, how she began her path to find herself as an artist and her craftsmanship. Being an artist is Jaeson's dream and now trying to pursue in Los Angeles.

ThunderCats Minimates, Ho!

Diamond Select Toys today announced a new ThunderCats Minimates boxset in the works. They haven't released any details other than to say it will include Pumyra, Lynx-O, Bengali and Ratar-O! The image they included also shows one of the Berbils.
Designed and sculpted by Art Asylum! The Thundercats are back in an all-new, Previews-exclusive box set inspired by the classic TV-movie ThunderCats, Ho! Each Minimate is 2 inches tall and includes a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories that also includes a non-possible figurine of Ro-Bear Bert! These new Minimate editions of the ThunderCats will be available in October, but can be now pre-ordered through Big Bad Toy Store.

Astronaut Skull Star Necklace is about to Take Off

Not only can you know collect an awesome designer figure but also wear it. Dum English is the limited edition collaboration between famed artist Ron English and Chris Brown. This new 3" Astronaut Skull Star comes complete in 3 different color ways of Gold Dum,  Turquoise Dum and Pink Dum, along with a beautiful gold chain and a removable rocket cloud that quite cleverly doubles as a pedestal.

These have sold out before so get the Astronaut Skull Star while they're still available
De Korner

Rock On with Megaseth

For those you about to rock, prepare to salute Megaseth. This ToyCon UK exclusive is the collaboration of Lisa Rae Hansen aka I Break Toys & Fugi.me. Megaseth has been released in 2 hand painted colour-ways, Snake and Spades editions. The detail is simple yet affective and his character could be mistaken as one of the band members of Spinal Tap.

MegaSeth comes blind-boxed in a presentation box, along with special MegaSeth Rock Memorabilia of Gig Ticket, Mini Print, Real Plectrums, and Badges. There are only 10 pieces of each colour, making in total only 20 pieces so rock onto the Fugi.me site to secure yours now.