July 24, 2013

VISEone Tube Monster goes Black Carbon

VISEone has released a new color of their rad 'Tube Monster' figure in limited edition Black Carbon.

The 3.5" tall vinyl will make a great addition to the Black, Tomato and Zombie Juice editions in collection HERE for $92 including shipping, but be quick as there are only 10 pieces available.

Jason Freeny shows what Papa Smurf is made of

Jason Freeny has been showing us the step by step process on his Facebook page of his latest creation and today 'Papa Smurf Dissected' was revealed in all his completed glory. 

Like a made scientist or more to the point Gargamel and has finely detailed the anatomy of one the 80's most loved father figures. This rad original piece has already sold but we can't wait for his next work of art. 

Bad Teeth and Double Haunt's Cheese the Mini-Cheestroyer

Australia's own Glenn Manders aka Bad Teeth who is a rad illustrator has posted on his Instagram a medieval prototype of his character ‘Cheese the Mini-Cheestroyer'. 

Sculpted by another Aussie Double Haunt, the 4.5” tall fantasy figure is currently in production but the detail is awesome. Plans for an online launch and then released at the Brisbane Supanova Comic-Con in November. Can't wait to see the final product!