June 6, 2013

Toynami Releases Robotech Plush

From Toynami comes the first line-up of plush mecha transforming planes from the 1985 anime TV series Robotech

These soft plush will be available in Max Sterling and Rick Hunter's VF-1J planes as well as Roy Fokker's yellow VF-1S craft. 

Each plush is screen printed with the iconic aircraft designs and measures 5" tall, 1ft nose to tail with a 10" wingspan and can be pre-ordered from HERE with release due in September

TED Mini Plush with Sound

From the 2012 smash hit comedy TED, comes a Mini Plush TED you can take with you everywhere or just cuddle and sing the Thunder Song with.

The 8" mischievous mini bear comes with sound of authentic phrases from the movie, so cause as this bear might swear and in a variety of 6 different outfits including the classic Flash Gordon scene. TED is now available to pre-order HERE and will ship in September.

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures from Playmates Toys

Playmates Toys sent out some radical images of their newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures. 

These include the Rat King, Cockroach Terminator along with Mikey, Don, Raph and Leo as Stealth Tech Turtles.

No word on where you can pre-order them from yet but they will be on your favourite TMNT stockests shelves in July. 

Josh Mayhem's Mini Munny Fire Mundam

From the always awesome Josh Mayhem who brought us Princess Killbot and The Demon Fett comes his latest custom 'Fire Mundam'.

The 4" Mini Munny contains a whopping 20 points of articulation and believe it or not was a last minute submission to Kidrobots MUNNYMUNTH contest last month.

This one off custom is now available just for you to purchase for a mere $250 by getting in touch with Josh via his email HERE

My Little Pony Goes Funko POP

Thanks to Funko POP! Vinyl Figure Fan Page on Facebook for the heads up on the first four figures from the Funko series of My Little Pony Pop! Vinyl Figures. 

The first series will of these 3 3/4" cute ponies will include FluttershyPinkie PieRainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle.

It is interesting to note the numbers on each of the characters window packaging with 2, 3, 4 & 6 so we should be seeing some more soon. In the mean time you can now pre-order from HERE with a release due in July.

Task One's Wilfred Teaser

Spied on Task One's Facebook page just now is this teaser of a very cool looking Wilfred from the TV Show of the same name. 

What's involved with this smart mouthed dog figure? All will be revealed tomorrow says Task, so come visit us here at TicTocToy tomorrow.

Hasbro SDCC Exclusive is Deadpool Corps Tacos

Hasbro has finally revealed their much anticipated SDCC Deadpool Corps figure set via Marvel and it has some of the most creative yet typical packaging we've seen for awhile.

Deadpool aka The Merc with a Mouth teams up for this totally rad collectible and unique action figure set. The set of six figures features 3.75″ figures of Deadpool, Lady Deadpool and Champion of the Universe, along with mini-figurines of Kidpool, Dogpool and Squirrelpool all individually packaged 'taco shells' and then in a Taco Truck box to store them in. How awesome is that?

The Deadpool Taco range is exclusive to purchase at SDCC but there will be a limited run sold after the show HERE

GoodLeg Toys Bootleg A Holo Ape

GoodLeg Toys released prototype images of their upcoming bootleg figure 'Holo Ape' and isn't he rad?

Each articulated figure with Planet of the Apes head and classic wrestler style body will feature a special one off colorway so be quick to grab yours June 8 from HERE when they're released.

Hot Toys Enroll Monsters University Cosbaby Series Mini Figs

Hot Toys has posted images on their Facebook page of their upcoming Cosbaby Series mini figures based on the upcoming Disney Pixar animated movie Monsters University. 

The Cosbaby Series will include the following characters:
Don, Mike Wazowski, James P. “Sulley” Sullivan, Art, Squishy and Tery & Terri

These 3″ tall vinyl figures with window boxed packaging will be available sometime in September but you can pre-order them now from HERE.

Hasbro SDCC My Little Pony Exclusive

A fan favorite who first appeared in the first season of Friendship is Magic is 'DJ Pon-3' who will be making her shiny debut as an SDCC exclusive from Hasbro. 

In addition to a musical note as her "cutie mark," DJ Pon-3's sunglasses and unicorn horn are embellished with Swarovski crystal elements that tie into the year's theme of the Crystal Empire.

Everything about her offering really enhances her character with DJ Pon-3's special packaging even lights up. If you can' make it to SDCC don't worry Pegasis & Bronies as a limited supply with be available HERE but no date on when so keep your pony ears to the ground.

General Bearends from Reet Neet - R3

Unfortunately he's already been sold but check out the rad General Bearends from Reet Neet - R3

The very awesome bronzed 3.5" Teddy Troops custom comes with gears and studs to give it that Steampunk authenticity. You can see more of Reet's rad work HERE.

Cheetara and Snarf from Mezcoooooooo!

Mezco announced today their third exclusive for SDCC will be a two-pack of Cheetara and Snarf from ThunderCats, Hooooooo! 

Cheetara stands at an overpowering 14" with 10 points of articulation and signature bo-staff. Just when you thought Cheetara couldn't get anymore badass, here eyes also glow in the dark. Never been a fan but by her side will be the 5" bumbling sidekick, Snarf and are packaged together in a collector-friendly window box.

Good news is you don't have to be at SDCC to pre-order yours from HERE now for a late July release.

Radioactiveuppercut's Behind the 8-Ball for Kickstarter

John Santagada aka Radioactiveuppercut prepares us for his Kickstarter in July with 8-Ball the Terror from Space! Prepare the fallout shelter; he is going to DESTROY all in his path!

Sculpted by Joshua Sutton from ERA Sculpture, the 4" tall with 3 points of articulation in the neck and shoulders 8-Ball will be produced in rotocast vinyl. 

The one eyed terror from space will be packaged in polybag with header card, and will be signed and numbered and as an added bonus  will come with a collector’s trading card featuring a faux comic cover of 8-Ball on the front and accompanying bio stats on the flip-side.

This is one Kickstarter you're not going to want to miss pledging towards as John has some fantastic artists who have donated their awesome time and talent:
Ed Long and Damien GlonekFrank and Martina Russo, Monsterforge, Topheroy, Motorbot, D-Lux,  Tom Connors, George Gaspar and John "Spanky' Stokes.
As soon as 8-Ball begins his terror on Kickstarter well let you know so start saving those pennies kids!