August 1, 2013

HealeyMade Icy Blue Heisenberg

David "HealeyMade" Healey is about to release a rad M.U.S.C.L.E custom 'Heisenberg'. 

The 1.5" transparent Icy Blue Breaking Bad inspired mini figure is kit-bashed and re-sculpted from the rock man figure Iwao, with each packed in a Healeymade clam-shell and stash baggie. 

The meth blue muscle of New Mexico is available August 2 HERE for $25 USD each.

Sekure D's Second Remix Series

Sekure D is releasing a super limited run of custom Dunnys for a second Remix Series that look awesome.

"The Codename Unknown Robot Allegiance are still under attack from the blobs and they have frantically put together 4 new members as backup, built from the scraps of old models reborn out of their ocean graveyards to help fight back against the ever growing number of blobs." 

In true talented style that is unique to Sekure, the 1/1 blind box pieces feature the remixed Ocho, Scribe, Kano and the Beast Brothers figures available August 6 HERE from $95 USD each including shipping from Australia so be quick to Sekure yours.

It's Blood Red for Angry Woebots and Flabslab's Chewballer

Collect & Display have released an exclusive 'Blood Red' color Angry Woebots and Flabslab 'Chewballer'.

The 8.5" concrete casted bust features black hand splattered paint and is limited to only 10 pieces world wide. 

To grab your uniquely numbered and packaged Blood Red Chewballer for $231 USD go HERE.

Kidrobot head on down to South Park Again

Kidrobot has announce that they are again teaming up with South Park for a new mini fig series based on the soon to be released game 'The Stick of Truth'. 

The series will include:
Stan the Warrior, Kyle the High Jew Elf, Cartman the Grand Wizard, Kenny the Princess and Butters the Paladin each wielding their weapon of choice.

So be on the look out September 5 as the 3" vinyl kids from South Park will be available for $10 USD at the Kidrobot Stores and Online.