May 23, 2013

Toy Girls 28 : Skinner Custom Vinyl

The Toy Break Toy Girls are back for another week as Ayleen Gaspar of October Toys and Sarah Jo Marks of DKE Toys chat about Skinner's "Ultrus Bog" hand-painted sofubi figure.

For more toy talk check the Toy Break youtube page HERE and while you're at it go like their Facebook page HERE, if you haven't already.

481 Universe Massive Custom Sale Friday

There is a massive custom drop coming from the always creative '481 Universe' at the end of this week and by the pics it's going to be epic.

"Some of them include Outlander test shot parts, Armorvor parts, hand sculpted one of a kind parts and hand cast parts." - 481 Universe

Over the last four days Ni has been posting sneak peeks of just some of the figures up for grabs. This is only a hand full of what we expect will be on offer May 24. So if you're fan make sure to get in quick HERE.

Takashi Murakami's Awesome Solo Exhibition

Check out this rad untitled image from Tokyo artist Takashi Murakami's Solo Exhibition at Galerie Perrotin in Hong Kong.

The exhibition runs from May 21 to June 7, but if you can't get there; take a look at his other awesome work on display HERE.

June Bug by Chibi Pocket

Just published on Junichi Tsuneoka aka Chibi Pocket's Facebook page (don't forget to LIKE their page) is the first images of their newest figure 'June Bug'.

The approx 3" tall bamboo figure has an acrylic plate face, movable arms and glow in the dark parts in the chest circle. This will be available soon in their online store HERE.

Ben Spencer is Sgt. Krugg at ManOrMonster? Studios

Designed and sculpted by Ben Spencer, the totally rad 'Sgt. Krugg' was then engineered and produced in resin by ManOrMonster? Studios.

"From the planet Kabagiff, in the solar system that revolves around the blue star Anubis 5, comes Sgt. Krugg, Hippo Titan Soldier! Under the benevolent rule of Imperator Zog, the Kabagiffian are a heroic and militaristic race who rebelled against General Gorgax and his Evil Mutant Legion with the help of Galaxxor 001. Given the divine sanction of The Seven Space Gods, The Kabagiffian Army staunchly defends its planet from invasion and also lends assistance to peacekeeping Galaxxors when additional support is required."
This hand painted action figure features 3 points of magnetic articulation in the waist and shoulders, as well magnetic hip and back to hold the blunderbuss accessory when he's not holding it in his hand.

Sgt. Krugg is only limited to 5 pieces, never be released in this colorway again. So take action and get yours HERE May 24.

Rask Opticon has an Angry Boidz

This is one of the many awesome entries in the Kidrobot's Munny Munth 2013 contest. 'Angry Boidz' is the very cool creation of Rask Opticon that is a 4" and 7" Foomi combo with the head, plane and smoke all screw off and on. 

The 17" x 19" piece is up for vote in the "Best Pop Culture" category. You can vote on this and Munny others HERE.

Dissizit has Gold LA Hands

Dissizit have released their latest color 'Gold' of the popular 'LA Hands', with a little free styling by Slick.

The 6" vinyl hands now available in Gold can be positioned to form your most favorite hand gesture. The Mickey tribute LA Hands can be now purchased from HERE.

Frank Kozik Marvels at Beautiful Plastic's Labbit

Frank Kozik's 'Labbit' becomes Marvelous with a little help from Beautiful Plastic aka Kidrobot. The first two in what is hopefully a long series is Wolverine and Venom.

Snikt! Engineered to kill. Destined to do good. This beer drinking, cigar smoking, 7" vinyl Wolverine Labbit is finished with a nasty attitude and rad adamantium colored claw. You can now pre-ordered yours HERE bub for an August release.

Labbit is a great host. Black as death with wide spidery eyes, ferocious fangs, and psychotic tongue, Venom Labbit is pure 7" vinyl evil. Only the butt-hole can resist. Some things are too good to go bad. The ultimate villain of Spider Man can be pre-ordered HERE for an August release.

Funko POP! Disney Series 5 Revealed

Funko released more images today for their 5th series of Disney POP! range of vinyl figures. 

The super cute line up includes: Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Baloo (Jungle Book), Carl (Up!), Dumbo, Genie (Aladdin), Jafar (Aladdin), Jasmine (Aladdin), King Louie (Jungle Book), Mary Poppins, Merida, Rocketeer and Russel (Up!).

This awesome new vinyl series will make a great addition to the already successful range and will drop June 27 or you can pre-order them now from HERE.

The Grim Brim is Ready for Your Collection

‘The Grim Brim’ is about to be unleashed thanks to the combined powers of designed Gabe Barragan designer, Kyle Thye sculpter and GODBEAST casting.

The 2″ resin hillbilly figure is sold at random in a color range of infection red to thermo color change blue and all come bagged and carded with original artwork . The Grim Brim will be available May 27 HERE.