May 24, 2013

Tee of the Day: Dare to be Stupid by

Today's tee of the day goes to this awesome Transformers: The Movie 'Dare To Be Stupid' shirt which features the head Junkion Wreck-Gar.

Only available in Chilli Red this 100% cotton has a rad distressed print look and is available exclusively from HERE.

Medicom Are Selling Mogwai's

Medicom is releasing Gizmo from the 1984 classic film Gremlins. This 1/1 size figure will be part of the Vinyl Collectible Doll (VCD) line. 

Gizmo is 9″ tall and includes moveable eyes, articulation in the shoulders, feet and neck. 

He also comes with his very own pair of 3D glasses and three “Furballs“, which can be popped out of his back when spill water on a mogwai like in the film. 

You can now pre-order Gizmo now from HERE so long as you don't feed him after midnight and is due for release in October.

WeLoveFine My Little Pony Hug Me Backpacks

WeLoveFine has now released three more characters for the Hug Me backpacks from the television series My Little Pony with Doctor Hooves, Pinkie Pie, and Best Pony (aka Derpy Hooves).

These new three super cute bags do differ from the first two releases of Rainbow Dash and a DJ Pon-3 as the plush add-on accessories that match the character that are anchored to the backpack via a fabric cord and can be held in the character's hoof or mouth by way of magnets. 

Best Pony comes with a plush muffin, Pinkie Pie carries a cupcake, and Doctor Hooves comes with his wand. The first 300 units will also be special editions with the accessories of Doctor Hooves being a light-up wand and Pinkie Pie a cupcake with bead sprinkles.

The Hug Me backpacks are sized to fit adults aged 13 and up, with the bag being 24" long from ear to toe. Each one is exclusive to WeLoveFine and can be purchased HERE.

Ministry of Kongz' Kruzilla Goes Vinyl

We interviewed Tanin Tumth HERE a few weeks back and knew that something exciting was coming and now we can announce that Ministry of Kongz are happy to reveal that Kruzilla has become vinyl! 

Kruzilla is the awesome mashup of the mythical Thai bird ‘Khrut’ and King Kong together. The 4.5″ tall now vinyl figure has been retooled to feature articulation in the waste and winged arms. The first run of Kruzilla's come bagged with artwork card and will be white blanks for you customisers out there, so stay tuned to their Instagram feed HERE for a drop date.

Silent Stage Throws a Pillow at Angry Woebots

Could Throw Pillows be the new medium for artist as we've shown in previous posts HEREHERE and HERE as Silent Stage has released the perfect collectors pieces for Angry Woebots fans with a Throw Pillow and Ottoman.

The 16” x 16” microfiber pillow features a brilliant graphic of a panda mob achieved from a dye supplement. The totally rad Fur & Fang Part 2 Pillow is only limited to 150 pieces so be quick to grab some comfort by purchasing from HERE.

As an added bonus to your new awesome pillow is the Fur and Fang Ottoman which stands 18” tall and measures 21” around, but they're limited to only 10 pieces so be quick to purchase from HERE.

Largest LEGO Model Ever and it's Star Wars

The largest LEGO model ever was revealed in Times Square today. The huge X-Wing  model is made of 5,335,200 bricks and took 32 designers 17,000 hours to build!

The replica weighs nearly 46,000 pounds and took 32 master builders, five million LEGO bricks and over 17,000 hours to complete.

The model will remain in Times Square as an interactive exhibit through May 25 and after Times Square, the X-Wing will be landing in July at the Legoland California Resort for the remainder of the year.

Gatchaman's Princess Jun goes PVC

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tatsunoko, a company called License is releasing a Gatchaman Jun The Swan (princess) pvc figure.

This 1/7 scale figure comes displayed in window box packaging and is due out in June or you can pre-order the super cute Jun now from HERE.

Ajee Does Kosplay

Produced by ExtendedPlayZ. 'Kosplay' is the latest from french artist Ajee who designed and sculpted the figure as well.

The 8" Kosplay Girl (un)dressed as a skull has articulated arms and head with the base and cape removable. While the 4" Polar Bear is disguised as a panda. The panda is more endangered than the polar bear. Maybe she did a makeup on him to protect him a little longer?

The work on this os exquisite with Kosplay Black and Whites as a 2 character set can be purchased HERE now.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Munny Customs

Artist David Kraig has gone above and beyond the call of duty with this commission request to create the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from original Munny's.

The 6" super sculpey and acrylic paint figures are amazing and can tell David's time and understanding of the true essence of the Turtle Bros. Too bad this was only a custom and not a limited series for release. To see more images of these rad customs go HERE.

MAp-MAp's Amazing Socha

From MAp-MAp comes this amazing King Ken figure that has been transformed using epoxy putty and acrylic paint to create 'Socha'.

"Built to defend the forests from the two foots Socha has completed it's task perfectly. So perfectly that now it performs more basic tasks, such as shaking fruit trees, digging up Ant colonies. Some may say it now completes all tasks."

Socha, is the "protector of the thumbed four feet, destroyer of the thumbed two feet. This rad  1/1 piece will be available to purchase HERE May 24 so be quick.

JFury's Bunny Boom Boom!

Awesome customiser JFury has released his latest original figure 'Bunny Boom Boom!' 

The bomb wielding bunny stands at 4.5" and is available in Sea Green and Glow in the Dark colorways. Check out JFury's store May 24 to order your Bunny Boom Boom! HERE and look out for the next bunch of colours coming soon!