April 30, 2013

Tic Top 5: Interview with Charles Marsh

Welcome to Tic Top 5 where we ask an artist or specialist the hard hitting questions (not really they're actual quite easy). Todays artist is U.S. based Charles Marsh who is an Artist, Designer, Sculpter, Customiser of Toys and Owner of Monsterforge.

With a passion for Fantasy and Science Fiction, Charles' work always bends the boundaries of the imagination like those genres. His work has a specific style yet no two works look the same which is a refreshing change. Not only is Charles an accomplished customizer of toys with his recent flash sellout of Teenage Mutant Ninja Kawaiiju's and Custom MOTU's but also designed and or sculpted characters that were voted to be part of OMFG (Outlandish Mini Figure Guys) Series 1: Multiskull, Series 2: Grimm Gourd, and Series 3: Barbarianaut from October Toys 

As you can see by his extensive experience as to why we asked Charles to answer the Tic Top 5 for today:
  1. How did you start in the industry of creating & customizing?
    I started making custom action figures back when I was a kid, but I actually started selling my work in 1996. I spent a lot of years doing the whole eBay grind-- making stuff and selling it without really having any following. A few years ago I got involved in the October Toys Forum, and folks seemed to really like my stuff. From there a sort of following developed. Facebook has also been a great format for showcasing my work and allowing interaction with people who like it.
  2. What was the first toy or item you customized or created?
    I think it was a Fisher Price Adventure People figure I repainted to be Luke in his pilot gear. I couldn't find the actual Kenner figure anywhere, so I just made my own!
  3. What influences you?
    Kids. I always think back to what it was like to be a kid, and the rest just kind of falls in place. I know that some of the most awesome things I have seen since making the Multiskull are pictures my friends have sent me of their kids playing with the figures. If you can make a kid smile with something you have made then you have done your job correctly!

  4. What are your weapons of choice?
    As a sculptor I'd like to say that it's a certain blade or gouge or wrasp that is my weapon of choice, but I have to admit that it's really just a pencil and some paper. I always have to have pencil and paper with me wherever I go... it helps to pass the time, and it's a great way to capture stray creative thoughts before they are totally gone.

  5. If you could collaborate with anyone (living or dead) who would it be?Without a doubt it would be Matt Doughty of Onell Design. He's such a nice guy with an amazing ability to create whole worlds in his mind. We've hinted around working together several times in the past, but time has never really allowed it. Matt is truly a one-of-a-kind type of guy, and it would be an honor to work with him.

If you'd like to get in touch or know more about the very cool Charles Marsh here's his links:
Coming back tomorrow to see who's next in the Tic Top 5 hot seat.