July 15, 2013

Furry Feline Creatives bring luck with Maneki Neko Purridge for SDCC

We posted HERE about the rad Puffridge Dragatomi Furry Feline Creatives SDCC exclusive. Now they have introduced their next SDCC exclusive with their plush 'Maneki Neko Purridge'.

As you can see, 13 ain't a bad number! The Maneki Neko or Beckoning cat is a Japanese figurine which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner. Now, you can have your piece of good luck and fortune! - Furry Feline Creative
Each super cool cat's are once again handmade by the talented Cheri Ong and stand 12" tall with a signed and numbered hang tag for $50 USD. Maneki Neko Purridge will be available at Furry Feline Creatives booth at Small Press (P13). These good fortune plush kitties are limited to only 20 pieces (10 x white and 10 x black) so be quick not to let your luck run out and grab yours.

Javier Jimenez's 'Don Antler' figures

Javier Jimenez has released images of his latest rad creation 'Don Antler'. The 7" tall resin figures come out swinging with unique bat and antlers. 

The first colorway to be released is the 'Dark Don Antler' for $160 USD available at SDCC's Rotofugi booth (5248) with Javier available for signing July 18.

The original classic colorway is the second version which will be available soon HERE, with five pieces available in that variant.

Squid Kids Ink's 'So Analog' SDCC Exclusive

Squid Kids Ink sub line of 'So Analog' figures will be an exclusive SDCC of new releases with each Mini 10-Doh! figure limited to specific numbers consisting of:

Gold at 150 pieces for pieces for $20 USD, Eternal Descent Heavy Metal Heroes at 100 pieces for $20 USD plus a Free IOS download of the game, Big City 'Red at 44 pieces for $20 USD by Ragnar, Big City 'Black' at 44 pieces for $20 USD by Ragnar and Bossy Bear 'White' 44 pieces for $20 USD by David Horvath.
Any pieces not sold at SDCC will be made available on their site HERE after the con. 

Nemori 'Burnwood Bears' from Cris Rose and Lunabee

From the collaborative talents of Cris Rose and Lunabee have created Nemori and announced their first official release of the custom Micro Munnys, 'Burnwood Bears'.

"Where Clissold the fox is one of Nemori's bold adventurers, The Burntwood Bears live an adorably simpler, idilic existence. There are many towns and villages across Nemori, mostly filled with people like you and me, just getting on with life. They have their own jobs, interests and families, rarely finding themselves in any sort of remarkable situation. The Burnwood Bears are a group of happy folk from one of these corners of rural bliss, the little town of Burntwood. Mainly playing their days away, each has their own personality, outfit and interests. Some have jobs to do, others dream of hunting Dragons or discovering magic crystals." - Nemori

The cute 3" hand cast rest heads from the original sculpts of Mason, Nash, Ida, Milton or Kimble are hand-painted at $75 USD each with these one of a kind pieces from HERE.

UME Toys Super Cute 'Lolly Shortstick'


Richard Page over at UME Toys beating the heat with his latest super cute Lolly Shortstick.

So chill out with this awesome 3″ hand cast resin, ‘Pink Punch’ colorway Lolly Lady which can be found HERE for $30 USD + Shipping.

JFury's Protector of the Reef

Rad artist Justin Philips aka JFury has released his latest resin character 'Protector of the Reef'.

The 3″ tall and 4.5″ wide octopus is hand cast in bright blue, yellow and a contrasting pink paint base. So get on this rad resin from the deep as they are limited to just 10 pieces in this colorway that are available signed and numbered HERE for $65 USD + Shipping.

Gary Ham and Lana Crooks' Limited SDCC 'Hermees' plush

Gary Ham has combined his talents with Lana Crooks to produce the super limited yet awesome 'Hermees' plush as an exclusive for SDCC.
"Hermes is a super limited edition designer plush based on the character designed by Gary Ham. Hermees was hand crafted with extreme detail and love by Lana 'The Plushinator' Crooks, in fleece and wool with embroidered embellishments and ribbon." - Press Release

The fab 14" tall and 17" wingspan each super cute bat is handmade and  comes with an etched wooden tag, numbered and signed. Hermees is priced at $200 USD and with only 5 pieces be quick to visit booth 5139 to purchase your Hermees plush.