May 13, 2013

Hordak's Spirit Will Rise Again

It was only last week Matty Collector released a super secret Hordak variant called the 'Spirit of Hordak'. As you can imagine this was a very limited edition figure which sold out win minutes.

But do not fret fellow MOTU collectors as Matty Collector announced today that they will in fact have the Hordack variant occasionally appear (unannounced) throughout the coming year. So keep your eyes peeled for him on their site here

Something that is no longer going to appear is the MOTU Evil-Lyn figure who has been retired but would it be cool is Matty release more 'Spirit of' figures including Evil-Lyn?

Bobo is Dolly Obling's Bub

Meet Bobo from Dolly Oblong, a hand painted 4" custom KidRobot Bub. Bobo is a yellow dude with a laid back attitude who loves his mom.

Wearing a hand sewn shirt and tatts, this arm & head articulated figure shows that simple detail works on so many levels. This very cool Mom loving Bub comes in a signed box and can be purchased from here.

The Androids are Lost Buddha's

If you're an Android collector then you'll love Troy Martin's latest release of his "Lost Buddha" Android Blindbox Series

There are 16 Buddhas in total with 4 stone chases, 3 bronze chases, and 1 gold chase. This is a limited run so be quick to secure your Android Buddha's before their lost forever from Troy's store here.

Rufus Enlists OMFG New Recruits

Rufus has enlisted his very own OMFG Series 2 colorway with the very awesome 'New Recruits' army man green. 

The New Recruits mini figs contain the 5 OMFG Series 2 characters of Shirtle, Grimm Gourd, Cry-Borg, Cuddlehard & Puke Knight that are all package with exclusive header art by Rufus himself. 

To recruit your very own OMFG series 2 New Recruits check out Ruf’s store here.

Ugly Dols go Hero with DC Comics

Uglydolls and DC Comics have announced their collaboration together that will see Uglydolls characters become DC Comic superheroes in plush form! The first two are two versions (modern and retro designs) of Ice Bat as Batman and Babo as Superman. 

Standing at 11" tall the Uglydolls DC plushes will be released in August but you can first seem on display at this years SDCC in July.

Funko will also be producing some vinyl figures based on the Uglydolls and DC Comics collaboration that will be released in time for the holiday season but no images or any other information has come forward but we'll keep you up to date.

The 'Londoner' Kriture Giveaway

Kriture would like to introduce their latest edition to the Soft Kriture's family 'Londoner' a special edition fur ball with a givaway attached to it, but more on that in a sec.

The 5.11" tall individually handmade Kriture, sports a very patriotic British flag of felt & fur, glow in the dark tempered glass eyes and a squarker to add aditional perosnality to it, not that you need to. Each Londoner comes custom packaged with a tag, hanger, Piercings, fridge Magnet, a note card and profile file.

You can pre-order this adorable yet cheeky Londoner from here or if you want to try luck at winning one here's how:

The Londoner will be Kriture's buddy in London from May 9 to 22, so they decided to make an entertaining giveaway for you. Kriture will be taking pictures with people and places and will be leaving stickers around London. 

Here are two ways you can enter:
If you find a Kriture giveaway sticker in London, you need to: 
  • Take a photo of the sticker and share it on instagram with the hashtag #kritureuk 
  • Follow me on instagram : (@marciagaudencio) 
  • Like Kriture on Facebook: Here 
On 22nd May, will choose one random instagram winner who followed the rules above. If you are picked, I will inform you and on 23rd will choose between you and a facebook user.The stickers look like this, I will update tips on where you can find those, on facebooktwitter and instagram.
Web followers: 
  • Like Kriture on Facebook: Here (make sure your share is public otherwise they can’t see it) 
  • Find the thread “GIVEAWAY London Soft Kriture is now OPEN” share it and comment on it 
  • Stay tuned to the album “London Soft Kriture Quest”, you will be asked to find something hidden inside a photo until 22rd May. If you find it sooner, don’t tell anyone 
On May 22, will choose one random a potential winner, who followed the rules. This persons will be asked to tell them what picture has the sticker and where is it. 
I will get in touch and on May 23 will choose between you and a instagram user.
Good luck!

Captain Action Deluxe Action Figure

From the 1960's Captain Action makes his triumphant return as a new action figure from Round Two.  

The 11 1/2" tall Captain Action deluxe figure features a super articulated body and accessories that include power packs, cloth costume, belt, gun, holster, lightning sword, boots, cap and comic book from Moonstone Books all in window box packaging.

Take Action now and pre-order your Captain Action figure from here which is due later this month to ship.

Mezco Toyz is Breaking Bad with Heisenberg

Mezco Toyz are releasing what we hope is the first of many, action figure from the hit TV series Breaking Bad. Walter White the chemistry genius turned science teacher turned kingpin; figure features him as his alter ego 'Heisenberg'.

Standing at 6" tall, Walter has articulated arms for pointing his gun, is nicely detailed and comes complete with trademark removable hat, removable glasses, a sack of cash, and a bag of blue crystals. 

Standing at 6" tall, Walter has articulated arms for pointing his gun, is nicely detailed and comes complete with trademark removable hat, removable glasses, a sack of cash, and a bag of blue crystals. You can hail the king Heisenberg by pre-ordering now from here which will ship in July.