April 14, 2013

Skull Toys Produces Skull Wars

Featured in the Rising Tide 2 exhibit that ran from December 2011 to January 2012 at Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago, Japanese artist Skulltoys has created “Skull Wars”, a two-piece series featuring Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper from Star Wars as skull-like figures. 

The two Ink on Paper (Cradled Mount) 14.25" x 20.25" pieces are still available at Rotofugi.

When Toy Story meets The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead opening theme but with Toy Story characters!

DIY 'Lil Jammies' Coming Soon

Collect and Display posted that coming real soon exclusive to them will be James Fuller's 'Lil Jammies' Resin figures. Upon further investigation we found this quote from James explaining it all:
"I have been working on this design for quite some time now. I always wanted to be able to paint my own base and I feel this design is the perfect fit for my style. Cute but kickass! The Lil’ Jammie figure is a hooded character in pajamas. I have always had a fascination with hooded characters. The mysteriousness of what is underneath the hood has always intrigued me. So I had to start with the hood.  That’s the beauty of this base, it can be anything." 

Making it easy to customize ach figure is made of sturdy resin with the head removable and can swivel. Sitting at L 2” x H 2.5”, this is the perfect size to fit in anyone’s collection. 

We'll keep you posted when a date to order 'Lil Jammies' is released.

The Game of Thrones Mystery Minis are Coming!

From one of the most epic fantasy series to ever grace our TV screens has been miniaturized in style as 'The Game of Thrones Mystery Minis'. The vinyl mini figs display box features some of our favorite characters and creatures from the successful Book & TV series. Popvinyls.com has posted a catalog scan showing the upcoming slate

These 2 1/2" tall Mystery Minis by Funko, contain troop builder type characters as opposed to the main cast with the Stark Direwolves, Daenarys' Dragons, King's Guard Soldier, Night's Watch Soldier, and so much more this is a collection not to be missed. 

The imaged display box above contains 24 individually packaged blind box figures and be preordered now from Entertainment Earth for a November release.

Toynami's Skelanimals Series 1 DC Heroes Vinyl Figure Set Are Go!

We may be a little late on this one but it is great to report that Toynami’s original four DC Comics x Skelanimals characters are back, but not like the successful plush line but as vinyl figures. 

The 4" figures striking action poses on personalised base stands are of Jae the Wolf as Batman, Dax the Dog as Superman, ChungKee the Panda as Green Lantern and Jack the Rabbit as The Flash.

The DC Heroes Skelanimals Series 1 Vinyl Figure Set are now available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth here and expect to have them in your collection sometime in May.

Doc Savage: Double Danger Deluxe

Doc Savage was created by publisher Henry W. Ralston in pulp magazines during the 1930s and 1940s but went on to star in comic books, animation and even movies. 
Now thanks to Go Hero and Executive Replicas he's becoming a Limited Edition action figure.

The Doc Savage: Double Danger Deluxe 1:6 figure comes complete with two different heads, die-cast weapons, one of which was designed by Jim Steranko and a wardrobe full of clothes including a ripped shirt and Jodhpurs for the different adventures you'll be taking him on.

Visit the Go Hero store now to place your order of Doc Savage which will be shipped towards the end of the year.

Bigfoot Has Been Found by Giant Robot

The legend of the Sasquatch has been proven to be real! In vinyl form that is.
Bigfoot - The Forest Warlord vinyl figure stands at a huge 11″ tall, has articulated arms and is available in four colors of Black, Brown, Green and Purple. 

Each Bigfoot limited in number so hurry over to Giant Robot, before he becomes a myth again.

Frank Kozik's ‘A Clockwork Carrot’ available for pre-order April 15

Frank Kozik’s Kubrick-inspired rabbit sofubi, ‘A Clockwork Carrot’, will be ready for pre-order beginning April 15 from BlackBook Toy. Sculpted by T9G, the humorous figure stands 11" tall continuing Frank’s love for the cult film.

We would be interesting to see what other colorways 'A Clockwork Carrot' would come in but we're sure a few customs won't far behind at the end of May when the sofubi rabbit is available.

MAp-MAp has a Two Headed Beast

Hot off the heals of Toy Con UK is MAp-MAp creator Matthew Plater's 'Liath'. 
Liath is a the two faced beast who will look deep within your soul with a friendly, goofy smile.while the the other will swoop down and chomp a chunk out of which ever limb it can get.

Each Liath is a 3" tall resin cast models, each painted with unique details. MAp-MAp's latest crretion is only limited to 26 pieces so swoop down here and grab Liath before she grabs you.