May 27, 2013

The Grumpy Cat Becomes A Plush

The disapproving feline that is The Grumpy Cat is becoming an official Plush toy. Much to the cats disapproval the plush looks quite accurate with the kitty's signature frownie face.

Take Grumpy Cat with you wherever you go! This Grumpy Cat Plush features the adorbable little kitty cat who is always frowning and has become an internet sensation as an even more adorable soft and huggable plush. You may not get to lovingly squeeze the real Grumpy Cat, but you can with the Grumpy Cat Plush!

You can pre-order the internets grumpiest cat from HERE with an expected release in September.

New The Walking Dead Funko POP! Figures

We posted HERE about the new Walking Dead Governor Funk POP! figure sketches, well now we can show you the real deal plus an added bonus of the antagonist Merle and super cool Prison Guard Walker.

Upon further investigation we discovered that Funko will also be releasing a crazy in the coconut Prison Yard Rick Grimes with machette. 

This new and exciting range of The Walking Dead vinyl figures can be pre-ordered now from HERE and due for release in August.

Brandon has Landed from Ume Toys

We spied this on Richard Page aka Ume Toys' instagram page and now we are pleased to see the first finished 'Brandon'. 

This new sophisticated species of bird stands at around 4.5" with silk and gloss accents possible legs and a rad skull top hat reminiscent of Slash from Guns and Roses. 

He will be released at the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con, so if you're in the area drop by the booth. No further details on when or where else Brandon will be released, but we can't wait to get our hands on him.

New Star Wars Kubrick's and Be@rbrick's from MedicomToy

Thanks to for the heads up that MedicomToy has announced a few new Star Wars Kubrick and Be@rbrick offerings for 2013.

Bearycalm is Ready to Bring Harmony and Balance

From the successful Kickstarter campaign comes Plastic Culture's limited release of 'Bearycalm' thanks to Crazylabel

"Bearycalm is vinyl toy that has special powers. Unlike other toys, Bearycalm has the power to bring harmony and balance to your life and home. No matter if you're sad or angry Bearycalm is there for you. Bearycalm is the first creation by the artist duo composed by award-winning designer and illustrator Bubi Au Yeung and award-winning designer and illustrator Camilo Bejarano."

Limited to only 300 pieces the 5" super cute vinyl bear is packaged in an original artwork wrapped box and is available in two colorways of mint and white to pre-order now from HERE.

Toy To The World Project Raising Funds for HIV R&D

PencilNeck Productions is the brains behind the awesome TOY TO THE WORLD PROJECT, a biennial custom DIY toy competition that brings together up to 200 artists to unleash their creativity on 200 blank vinyl bears in order to create an exhibition and auction event that raises money to combat HIV through research and development!

The project consists of two events:
  1. The Design Day where the public can knock down a beer to a phat mix of DJ tunes while they watch painters, designers and graff artists take to the blank toy canvas' with markers, spray cans, cutters and glue, they can even join in if they're feeling creative. 
  2. The opening of Melbourne's premiere GLBTi cultural event, Midsumma, TOY TO THE WORLD exhibits and auctions off the creations of these talented artists, raising funds to help bring some joy into the world by contributing to furthering HIV research and treatment development.

Launching in 2010/11 the project raising $2000 for the Victorian AIDS Council in Melbourne, Australia, and in 2012/13 this totally rad project doubled that with $4024. There's talk that it could be an annual event (here's hoping) but for now you can show your support by liking their Facebook page HERE.

NECA's Pacific Rim Figures have Surfaced

The action figures from one of this year's most anticipated films Pacific Rim have been revealed thanks to NECA.

The 7" full articulated characters Gipsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon, and Knifehead will make up Series 1 which were created directly from the digital files used by ILM in the making of the movie. Interestingly enough is that the online toy stores are not showing the totally rad Knifehead (even though we've seen him in the trailers) but we do have an image (below) thanks to Toy News International.

All three figures are now available to pre-order separately or all together as a 3 pack
from HERE.

Winnie the Pooh Fan Spends $100,000 on Collection

The Daily Mail in the UK has reported on Winnie the Pooh fan Deb Hoffmann who has spent nearly $100,000 building up the world’s biggest memorabilia collection in her home.

This massive 20 year collection consists of 8,900 items including a limited-edition bee worth $1,000 and Pooh bears from the 1960's. The entire collection so far fills four rooms in her four-bedroom house in Wisconsin.

"I scour thrift shops and websites like eBay for anything to do with Pooh and his famous friends including Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore. One of my most valuable items is a handmade bee that was part of the original Disney World Winnie the Pooh costume. I love Winnie the Pooh because he’s so friendly and warm and I think he represents a simpler time, safer time when we didn’t have so much tragedy and drama in the world. I might slow down in the years to come but I don’t think I’ll ever stop." - Deb Hoffmann

Deb's collection has taking up so much room she’s now hanging some of her collection from the ceilings. If you like to see more images of this mega Pooh fan go HERE.

3D Printed Custom Action Figure

Here's a new idea to create your own 3D printed custom action figure called Makie by MakieLab.

"MakieLab is a London-based toys and games company that's dedicated to creating "future-smashing" toys. What exactly that is, I'm not sure. The company's creations feature a rare level of customizability and detail in both the models and their clothing, not to mention realistic glossy eyes, a design choice some might deem creepy, but that I prefer to think of as awesome."  
Using highly sophisticated 3D printers that bonds powdered plastic via lasers, so the print resolution is quite high, Makie let's you design figures using its online app, making it easy to customize the figure without too much effort. Each figure also has a hollow inside to allow intrepid hackers to insert electronics into the models. Here's a quick figure we made:

Each 10" figure is well articulated and comes in three shades of skin color and can choice your eye and hair color also. If you'd like to know more about or order your own Makie go HERE.