May 3, 2013

Sweat of the Day: Building Blocks from Drew Wise

Our Tee Sweat of the day comes from Belovedwear with this awesome 'Building Blocks' Sweatshirt by Drew Wise.

This 100% polyester all over" print crewneck sweatshirt is made using a special sublimation technique to provide a vivid graphic image throughout the shirt. To build your cool sweater collection with Building Blocks go here.

OMFG! Series 4 Now Needs Your Vote!

October Toys is currently taking votes for their successful min fig series OMFG!  Now into series 4 there is whopping 146 very cool entries to choose from. 

You can go to the October Toys forum here and enter your vote for what you think are the top 5 designs. Voting closes May 24 so get voting to help contribute towards OMFG series 4 now.

Otto the Octopus is FiveFtTwo in need of Pledges

FiveFtTwo have taken to Indiegogo, campaigning to get the first character of their "Underwater Adventures" series 'Otto the Octopus' out with his friends to follow behind him.

Otto's Story: Currently the rubber ducky has no-one to play with. Although this isn't the only reason we created Otto and friends, we think that children, parents and hipsters alike deserve another friend for the bathtub. Otto is the loyal friend that we all need. He is always there for you to brighten your day. Otto loves leisurely swimming sideways & bopping around in the water. - FiveFtTwo

If you'd like to give the rubber ducky and yourself a collectable companion check out their pledge page here.

3 New Funko 'New 52' DC Comics Pop! Heroes

Funko are releasing the second wave of 'New 52' DC Comics Pop! Heroes vinyl figures! The duty roll includes Green Lantern, The Flash and Aquaman all looking ready for some fighting action.

The Previews exclusive vinyl figures each stand at 3.75” tall with one point head articulation, and comes packaged in its traditional full color window box. You can pre-order the these three members of the Justice League here and will drop in July.

Rubber Ducky you're a Huge One

It's not toy related but it is cool that if you’re near the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong today, you may want to catch a glimpse of the world’s largest rubber duckie cruising the water.

Dutch artist, Florentijn Hofman has brought his sculpture Rubber Duck around the globe to places such as San Paulo, Sydney and Osaka.

No More Games for Link as He's an Action Figure!

Great new from Max Factory as Link from Skyward Sword leaps out of the game and into the Figma Studios range from the Good Smile Company.

The 5.4" tall articulated Link can shed his happy go lucky expression when he goes from chibi form to adult form with the included expression parts of valiant look and the battle cry.

Link wearing Hero of Winds classic green outfit also comes with Shield, Master Sword and Hylian Shield. The Figma figure is now available to pre-order here and due to drop towards the end of this year.

The Topobots Are Geared For Imagination

Geared For Imagination has released 'TheTopobots', a new series inspired from their Topozoo line. There are four 10" tall wooden robots Herobot, PiratebotRockbot, and Vampbot already to do battle.

Each Topobot is manufactured in USA from recycled materials including medium-density fibreboard. To find your local retailer for the Topobot series check here.

Holy Batusi Batman Figure!

It's day four of exclusive releases for SDCC and this one we think by far is the best with the Batusi Batman™ figure. Recreating the dance craze that swept the nation, this BATMAN Classic TV series figure is sculpted with authentic likeness to Adam West and features a fabric cape.

The best part of this figure is the unique articulation and an internal mechanism that allows it to perform the Batusi with the packaging designed so the Batusi dance moves can be activated without removing the figure.

The diorama package features vintage-look art from Shag, and it plays music with a ‘60s vibe to capture that groovy scene where Batman shows off his Batterific moves.

The Batusi Batman™ figure will be available for pre-order at on June 4, to be picked up at SDCC and will also be available for purchase at the show, followed by online at on August 5.

Tic Top 5: Interview with Matt Jones aka Lunartik

Welcome to Tic Top 5 where we ask an artist or specialist the hard hitting questions (not really they're actual quite easy). Todays artist is Germany based Matt Jones aka Lunartik JOnes who is an Artist, Designer, Sculpter, Customiser of Toys and Owner of Lunartik.

Matt Jones has been customising for some time winning prizes for his work and has been a regular feature in countless exhibitions around the world but you know when you've made when your own designer toy becomes a sort after figure for the collection or to customize yourself. Matt is about to embark on his latest exhibition this weekend with the 
Mini Tea Tour at Raygun Comic Store in London and has a competition running for all you customizers out there.

With all this experience in customising, producing and exhibiting we thought it appropriate to get
 Matt to answer today's Tic Top 5:

  1. How did you start in the industry of creating & customizing? I was drawing charecters for a long time, I was show the door to the deisgner toy industry by Phil Corbett in around 2004. I started on a good foot by winning a TOY2R competition with a qee bear (pictured above), I did a few custom pieces using existing toys and soon became bored of the shapes and found it a good use of my time to make my own shape which happend to be "Lunartik in a Cup of Tea" I used a mix of my love for Tea and Toys to make this design, I hid the legs inside the cup to add mystery and give him his own distintive look.
    Since 2005 when he was first created. I have customised many Tea Cups and come up with all sorts of new designs for him.

    I've dabbled in custom shows, and have put out some limited edition pieces, and have have a sensession of major toy releases and recently I've been commissioned to make the Doctor Who figures for the BBC/Titan Merchandise.
  2. What was the first toy or item you customized or created? The first toy i customised was a Qee Knuckles bear in the shape of a frog, I named it Hophop and gave it a back story! It was a fun piece to do, I wasn't concerend about re-shaping the piece but more about how the paint alone can re-shape the piece for the on looker. I did the same with my "QT Qee".
  3. What influences you?
    It's a tough question as I get this a lot and my answers change all the time. Currently I'm going through a patch of non-influences. I've been changing direction in my head so many times, and I dont have time to be influenced by stuff currently. I will have to come back to you one day in the future and answer this one.
  4. What are your weapons of choice?
    These days my weapons of choice are pen, pad, paint brush and computer. I've stopped customising for a bit as I have to concentrate on my artwork and my manufacturing assignments these days with Lunartik in a Cup of Tea.
  5. If you could collaborate with anyone (living or dead) who would it be?
    I think its best to see what comes up, chance meetings are normally best for everyone.
If you'd like to get in touch or know more about the very cool Matt here's his links:

Coming back tomorrow to see who's next in the Tic Top 5 hot seat.