June 21, 2013

Action Figure Blues Podcast Ep.69: Turbo Charged Toys of the Week!

Join Ben, Adam, Scott and Justin for Episode Sixty Nine (Dude) of the Action Figure Blues Podcast!

"The AFB Podcast is a weekly look at action figures, statues and other collectibles from the worlds of comic books and pop culture."

This week our Toy of the Week is Turbo Charged as they each take on a favourite - see the pic above for some clues! To listen in on all the fun go HERE.

Kevin Dart's Gorgeous Yuki 7

Artist Kevin Dart has created a thing of beauty with International Girl of Mystery 'Yuki 7'.

Yuki 7 is a jet-setting spy girl and fashionista! An International Girl of Mystery and operates as a spy-for-hire from her secret HQ in Tokyo. As dangerous as she is beautiful, this sexy secret agent is an expert in information recovery, undercover operations, and catwalk fashion.

Digitally sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios is incredibly detailed as she even has a little shiny mirror compact! This hand painted and individually numbered 6.3" tall Yuki 7 is limited to only 250 pieces is only at the Gentle Giant Studios SDCC booth (3513) for only $100 USD or if you can't make it, the gorgeous Yuki 7 can be pre-ordered now from HERE for a July 2013 release. 

Coarse Toys has an Omen for Rotofugi at SDCC

Coarse Toys have revealed a brand new vinyl mini-figure 'Omen' on their Facebook page to be an exclusive at SDCC.

"After the last rays of the sun dip behind the forest’s edge, two pairs of eyes burst open. Hoot and Hush warily stand together keeping watch over a nest of unhatched eggs. Gazing up into the night, they wait in silence until the voice of the Void breaks through the darkness and orders them where to go."

These 3.5" super cute "Hush" (black version), and "Hoot" (blue version) come as a set for just $12.99 USD at the Rotofugi booth (4736). So here's hoping there's an online release of these rad owls after the con.