May 10, 2013

Jim McKenzie Kickstarts Pumpkin Crab

Jim McKenzie is Kickstarting his 8.5" tall resin hand painted Pumpkin Crab figurine. Each resin 8.5" tall figure is hand painted.

"The Pumpkin Crab is a character I've created and used in some of my paintings within the last year. I'd really love to bring him to life as a resin figurine and get him into the hands of people that appreciate his existence." - Jim McKenzie

Pledging now for $69 USD will score you a cute 3 eyed Pumpkin Crab but then he'll go up to $100 USD after Kickstarter ends so there's an incentive pledge now here.

A-Type Awesomeness From Andrew Bell and MPHLabs

Andrew Bell and MPHLabs team up to bring the MPH logo to life in figure form called A-Type.

This very cool blue edition is a Dead Zebra exclusive, with each A-Type comes signed and numbered by Andrew himself.

The 6" tall arm articulated, reverse sided face vinyl figure is limited to only 50 pieces so get in quick May 14 to order yours from here.

These FluffyFriends Plush Bite!

Hide your kittens as Jordan Polonsky of OhNo!Doom has released a new plush that bites, literally! Introducing the FluffyFriend plush toys comes complete with real chomping teeth and exposed butt.
“Do what you can’t do with most designer toys... play with em’! Jordan Polonsky

The three 5.5" tall toys FluffyYukYuk, FluffyBooBoo, and FluffyBadBad are awesome yet  cheeky plushes come with their own individual collectible chew toy and button that can be purchased from here.

You Can Now Be A Stormtrooper Figurine

Disney's Hollywood Studios is offering visitors the chance to put your own face on a 3D printed Star Wars Stormtrooper as part of its annual Star Wars Weekends event.

Disney is using high quality single-shot technology to create the 3D rendering of you as a would-be Stormtrooper in just ten minutes. Those who take part will then receive a 7.5" model in the post roughly two months later.

Disney are also opening last year's Carbon-Freeze Me experience again, popping visitors into a carbonite freeze casket just like the one that trapped Han Solo. Both figure will start running during the weekends between May 17 through to June 9.

Bowa Commits Murder Again Wants You 2 Also

Following his previous murder Paper Toy maker David Bernal aka Bowa has committed Murder a 2nd time by cutting his paper craft bunny right down the middle.

It's a disgustingly cute work of detailed art that you can also own for nothing as Bowa wants you also to commit Murder 2 with this free download (click on each side and 'save as'). Enjoy!

Shiver Me Timbers! It's a 'Pirate' Bunny

Joe Ledbetter's 'Pirate' Bunny is ready to make you walk the plank! Standing at 10" tall, the tattooed, one-eyed, gold-toothed, articulated arm and sword is ready for some vinyl villainy. 

The jumbo-sized, re-sealable blister pack 'Pirate' is Limited to 700 peices so be quick to order this awesome addition to the Bunny collection from the The Loyal Subjects site here!