April 16, 2013

1AM Gallery Designs Outside the Lines with Lego

For those of us who played with Lego as a child we have never stopped and for the artists in “Designing Outside The Lines” a premier Lego-inspired show at 1AM Gallery haven't either. 
"Expect to see customizations of Lego pieces, the Lego Torch lamp and Lego Men, digital prints, original paintings and more. The exhibition will feature 1920s silent movie characters, lit Lego Men, mini mecha, maps, guns and wasps- to name a few! Whether they are using record breaking amounts of Lego pieces, introducing new materials to Lego customization, combining simple minifigs with complex machinery, or anonymously installing ginormous Lego men on public beaches- they are definitely some of the most imaginative artists out there." - Maya, 1AM Gallery

1AM Gallery, curator James Brown has invited the most prominent Lego and toy designers  of Ego Leonard, Legolize It Man, Bart de Dobbelaer, Brickthing, Bill Hewitt, Carson Catlin, Ian Ziobrowski, Josh Mayhem, Crestone, Dee Ten, One-Eyed-Girl, Michael Napolitan,MeSmithy, Citizen Brick and Mike Mendez who's styles and imaginations span from the US to the Netherlands. Designing Outside The Lines will run from April 26th until May 25th.

Blood Sucking Vampire To Help With Diabetes

I want to suck your blood is usually associated with death from a Vampire but that thanks to designer Diana Dumitrescu "Vampire Winny" might just save lives. Dumitrescu created the  creature so that a child could take up the task of acquiring plasma samples in a way that was less scary than the typical glucose monitors.

Intended for kids the Vampire Winny concept is cute and approachable and makes the process of testing oneself logical and interactive. 

Synced with a smartphone app, the vinyl creature has a virtual counterpart who requires constant feeding. The user is reminded when deposits must be made for the health of the fanged cartoon character, encouraging the child to take regular samples by pricking his finger in the mouth of the little monster.

Although Vampire Winny is still in prototype stage we can see that it won't be long before this clever concept is on the market. 

Plush Beatles’ Yellow Submarine sails in time for SDCC

Factory Entertainment announced today that a 3 foot plush Beatles’ Yellow Submarine will sail in as an exclusive at SDCCAlmost big enough to board yourself this cute plush measures at measures 36" long, 15" Wide and 24" high.

"Our Giant 3- FOOT LONG Yellow Submarine Plush may be huge in size, but its one of our most limited convention exclusives ever at just 200 pieces. We have created this giant collectible to match the size and impact of the largest gathering of pop culture fans anywhere, this years San Diego Comic Con."  -  Factory Entertainment

But do not fear fans of one the worlds greats and well know bands. If you are not attending SDCC Factory Entertainment are holding back a very limited quantity. You can order this unique and impressive collectible now from their store here with your shipped on July 24th 2013 so Don't miss out!

Kozik says 'The Bird Is The Word'

Designer Frank Kozik is releasing this limited run on 'The Bird Is The Word'. The 3.75" orange resin edition of the Mini Mao bust is made in San Francisco and comes bagged with header card.
"Everyone's favorite Chairman declares 'Let 100 Flowers Bloom, but keep an eye out for poisonous weeds!" - Kozik
The Bird Is The Word is limited to only 50 pieces so be quick to visit the Kozik store April 17 to secure your clear orange gem will light the Red Lantern and Lead The Way!

3aVOX gets a Real Steal with Atom

Inspired by the film Real Steel comes Atom by Designer 3aVOX. This 1/6th form at nearly 16" is fantastically detailed with fiber optic light up eyes, LED torso, motor fans both front and rear torso. Atom is also extremely articulated to give you those great action poses we saw in the film.

You can pre-order Atom now from De Korner and is estimated to ship later in the year.

Mario Bros Pipe Lamp

Here's a lamp that will light up any Mario Bros. fan. This industrial themed lamp is made from black iron pipes with a single light bulb that is operated with a pull chain on the left that allows you to have interchangeable Mario Bros characters.

This awesome lamp from Etsy user TRoweDesigns is made to order here and will ship within 7-10 days after purchase. The only thing you're going to have to resist is humming the sound when your character goes done the pipe. 

It's an Ace for Cometdebris Robo

Here to save the day and reminiscent of the old 1950's pulp robots comes 'Ace Robo' designed by Koji Harmon from Cometdebris.

Ace stands strong at 6.5" tall with articulated and head. Other than the design the most appealing thing of Ace Robo is the bright red glitter vinyl and packaged with original header card. Let's hope we see some other awesome glitter color variations later on.

Ace Robo will be exclusive at the Super Festival 62 on April 28 in Tokyo but for most of us who can't make the event, you can pre-order now via the Cometdebris store

Neptoon Studios 'Crush'es Monster City High

The first figure in the Monster City High series has just been released from Neptoon Studios.

Created & Designed by Todd Kauffman and Sculpted by Eric Nocella Diaz, the 9.5" vinyl behemoth "Crush" is limited to only 450 pieces and comes with an anaglyphic certificate and official Monster City High 3D Glasses from here.

If Crush is anything to go by we look forward to seeing Kauffman's next "Harry Weinerski" a Werewolf and what other characters will grace the halls of Monster City High in the future.

It's Hammer Time for Byron

Six years in the making Chris Hammer releases his first resin cast figure called "Byron". 

Byron stands 7" tall, fully painted with his arms are magnetize so they are possible and comes packaged in a clear acid free bag, with card-stock header. And each figure will come with a cool 4 Urbnpop Stickers.

Byron is limited to only 50 pieces, so get him here while you can. You can also see Byron (M
ascot of the Studio) and more of Chris' work at Gerberbars April 18 at his show.

Luke Chueh is on Target at Munky King

A video premiering Luke Chueh signing "Target: Black & Gold" at the Munky King studio has just hit the interwebs thanks to Munky King.

"The highly detailed bullet-ridden backdrop contrasts with the minimalist aesthetic of Luke's iconic bear, creating a truly unique art piece. For a more seamless look, the walls are designed to interlock with each other to create one long continuous shooting range." - Munky King

This resin & rotocast vinyl 10.5" (Wall) x 6.5" (Bear) is a limited edition of only 500 pieces of the Black and Gold colorway and can be snatched up now at the Munky King store