April 26, 2013

Topps Will Relaunch Garbage Pail Kids

Thanks to a petition that went to fans of Cheap Toys 'Garbage Pail Kids' all over of the world, Topps has now agreed to start production on the gross mini figures due to such a huge response. 
"Thank you all for the votes! We made it happen. :) Now, this will go down in history and in the Topps archives. You all let Topps know that Cheap Toys are important and can be the best gross mini-figure issue in the world. This victory is sweet. Best to you all for making that happen! The fans made it happen...because you love the toys!" - Cheaptoyland.com

The Garbage Pail Kids was a 1980's brand of gross, disgusting and yet fun characters designed to parody the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls created by Xavier Roberts

With the decision only just being made there is no date of when production will start, which characters will be involved or when they will drop but congratulations to all involved. As soon as more information comes to light, we'll let you know.