May 8, 2013

Plush coming to your Futurama

"Good news, everyone!" Toynami have now released both the 1st and 2nd series of plush based on the hit cancelled animated series Futurama. First out is the bumbling yet very cute 11" tall Dr. Zoidberg plush. 

Dr Zoidberg comes dressed in his surgical scrubs and matching flip-flops but Zoidberg is not  alone as Bender and Nibbler are in Series 1 and Series 2 with Morbo, Kif and our favourite the Hypnotoad... all glory to the Hypnotoad. 

You can now Pre-order Dr Zoidberg today from here to be delivered in July.

Dexter Action Figer gets more Bloody

Bif Bang Pow! are stepping it up this year, with their latest SDCC Exclusive of the Dexter Morgan 3 3/4" Action Figure. 

Dexter will be exclusively sporting his camera, ID badge, and a little extra blood. The set also contains 6 blood slides to help you complete your victim collection! Store your blood slides in the included wooden blood slide box replica that includes the blood slides of:

1x Alex Timmons (Dexter's first-ever blood slide) 
1x Mike Donovan (Dexter's first kill from Season 1) 
1x Travis Marshall (Dexter's final slide) 
3x Blank blood slides

And to top it off, hide your blood slide box inside this air-conditioner-themed tin tote with a bonus talking key chain included! This is a must-have item so get in quick and pre-order from here for delivery in July.

Exclusive Funko The Walking Dead 'Blood Splattered Michonne and Pet Zombies'

Harrison’s Comics has got the drop on everyone else with an Exclusive on The Walking Dead 'Blood Splattered Michonne and Pet Zombies' Funko Pop! vinyl figures.

Standing at 3.75” tall with one point of articulation each figure comes packaged in the traditional full color window box. Blood Splattered Michonne has a limited edition run size of 2,000 pieces, while her Zombie Pets (Zombie Pet 1 and Zombie Pet 2) each have limited edition run sizes of 750 pieces.

Blood Splattered Rick and Darryl plus the other three figures are currently available for purchase here for $25 each so get in while there's still some left.

BowoBaghaskara's Uncle Bruno is only 20!

Indonesian designer BowoBaghaskara's introduces his newest designer toy "Uncle Bruno".

"Uncle Bruno is symbolic more spirit, passion, power, love, energy, when you work build your future / making real your fantasy." - BowoBaghaskara

This 7" dark resin figure comes signed, numbered, with a certificate of authenticity and is only limited to 20 pieces

So if your interested reserve your awesome Uncle by emailing

McBess Melds Le Dead Plastique

French artist McBess melds his passions with 'Le Dead Plastique', a 3" Kidrobot Dunny custom with a black and white punch in the face of rock'n'roll incarnate. 

'Le Dead Plastique' is tatted up with a mesh of music, marauders, and meat paying special homage to dead pirates and pretzels. McBass' custom is available for purchase May 9 from here

Tee of the Day: TUSKEN IDOL by Scott Kinnebrew

Todays Tee of the Day goes to the awesome TUSKEN IDOL by Scott Kinnebrew.

"Be it scoundrel or scholar, I was drawn in by both Star Wars and the Indiana Jones movies as a kid. So I thought, "what's better than mashing those two?", and my response is a piece I call "Tusken Raiders of the Lost Ark". Our little golden buddy comes from the temples of Tatooine deep in the dunes and about as far away from Mos Eisley as one can get. Not only does he have the face of a Tusken Raider, but he's also riding the most loyal of the beasts of the desert, the Bantha." - Scott Kinnebrew

The Tusken Idol is screen printed on a black ultra cotton tshirt and can ordered from Outsmart Originals storenvy store here

Help Fight Evil by Moonlight with 'Sailor Moon'

The time has finally arrived for Bandai's - S.H. Figuarts 'Sailor Moon' as pre-orders have officially open.

The highly articulated Sailor Moon action figure which includes her cat 'Luna' has a full array of interchangeable faces and hands in the set with 2 types of Moon Sticks (with/without Silver Crystal) and effect parts for "Moon Tiara Action".

Pre-order from here now to receive 10% OFF with Sailor Moon due to ship August 13.

Star Wars Vinylmation Series 3 sees the Return of the Jedi

Disney's popular Star Wars Vinylmation series 3 is back and this time based entirely on Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. 

Star Wars Vinylmation Series 3 includes Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, Admiral Ackbar, Lando Calrissian in Skiff Guard Disguise, Princess Leia as the bounty hunter Boushh, a Gamorrean Guard, Nien Nunb, the Emperor’s Royal Guard, Ewok Logray, an Imperial Biker Scout, Ewok Wicket and Bib Fortuna.

This series has one variant, a maskless Princess Leia as Boushh, and one super rare chaser, the evil Emperor Palpatine. There is some main characters missing from the series like Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2. Star Wars Vinylmation Series 3 will be a limited edition release sold blind box style beginning on May 17.

And get super excited about the Han Solo in Carbonite 3” Vinylmation window boxed figure which has a limited run of 2,000 pieces which will drop June 7.

And last but not least is Disney’s very first 9” Star Wars Vinylmation figure Jabba the Hutt. The awesome accessory to Jabba is a 1.5” Salacious B. Crumb Vinylmation figure. This also has a limited run with only 1,000 pieces that will drop May 24.