April 19, 2013

The Plastic Foundry say Whatever to the Grumpy Cat

It was only a matter of time for when internet meme sensation Grumpy Cat would be transformed into a resin figure. 

If you're a fans of the meme, you can now show your love for this fractious feline in your designer toy collection.

Thanks to the Plastic Foundry in helping to spread this cats joy to the world, these hand made 3″ mini resin blind bagged Grumpy Cat busts are available in White, Black and Red and can pre-ordered now from here.

There's a Strange Symbiosis About to Happen at Giant Robot

Giant Robot just keep churning out these fantastic exhibitions with next already announced for May 4-22, titled 'Strange Symbiosis'. It will be a four person group exhibition featuring the amazing talents of Scott Tolleson, Leecifer, J*Ryu and
Aaron Brown.
"The world of indie toys and figures have crested and the artists involved are evolving into their own as sculptors, painters, and illustrators while they still do custom figures from time to time. The four involved will demonstrate their development and evolution as fine artists." - Giant Robot
We are of the understand that there are teasers to come so keep your eyes peeled for those . If you'd like any other information in the meantime about the artists or the exhivition contact Eric Nakamura at Giant Robot.

Amazing Abandoned Lego Victorian Mansions by Mike Doyle

Most likely the best LEGO master builder, Mike Doyle has done it again with these finely detailed Victorian Mansions which are built from approximately 130,000 LEGO blocks.

This piece took Mike over 600 hours to complete which is officially titled ‘Victorian on Mud Heep’. 
This series proves Mike Doyle remains one of the best and can't wait to see what he does next.

Square Enix Reveal Their Man of Steel Play Arts Kai Figures!

Square Enix has finally revealed their highly anticipated Man of Steel Play Arts Kai figures. The first two are none other than the two main players from the upcoming film Superman and General Zod.

Measures approximately 9 1/4" tall with tons of articulation and all the amazing detail you've come to expect from the Play Arts Kai line, these figures are due out in June.

Don't be a Square, get some 8-bit Glasses!

It's not toy related but wouldn't it be cool to see the world through 8-bit glasses. Well know you can! The New Pixelated 8-Bit Computer Gamer Mario Geek Fun Party CPU Glasses (that's a mouth full for a product name) are available in over 30 Styles from Clear Lens, Colors and even Glow In The Dark. 

Great fro those who want to get their game on or just for fun. So don't be a 'square', pick yours up today from here for only $6.99 plus postage.

Funko POP! Become the Masters of the Universe

Great news today for He-Man fans as Funko released new images for their Masters of the Universe vinyl figure series 1.

The line-up consists of He-Man, 
Skeletor, She-Ra, Hordak and Spikor at this stage which all come with their own weapon.

We are curious for choosing Spikor when there are plenty of other villains more worthy of a first series run but saying that it's an exciting time for Funk POP! & MOTU collectors a like. The Masters of the Universe are due for release May 21 at all good Funko POP! retailers.