May 27, 2013

Toy To The World Project Raising Funds for HIV R&D

PencilNeck Productions is the brains behind the awesome TOY TO THE WORLD PROJECT, a biennial custom DIY toy competition that brings together up to 200 artists to unleash their creativity on 200 blank vinyl bears in order to create an exhibition and auction event that raises money to combat HIV through research and development!

The project consists of two events:
  1. The Design Day where the public can knock down a beer to a phat mix of DJ tunes while they watch painters, designers and graff artists take to the blank toy canvas' with markers, spray cans, cutters and glue, they can even join in if they're feeling creative. 
  2. The opening of Melbourne's premiere GLBTi cultural event, Midsumma, TOY TO THE WORLD exhibits and auctions off the creations of these talented artists, raising funds to help bring some joy into the world by contributing to furthering HIV research and treatment development.

Launching in 2010/11 the project raising $2000 for the Victorian AIDS Council in Melbourne, Australia, and in 2012/13 this totally rad project doubled that with $4024. There's talk that it could be an annual event (here's hoping) but for now you can show your support by liking their Facebook page HERE.