April 14, 2013

DIY 'Lil Jammies' Coming Soon

Collect and Display posted that coming real soon exclusive to them will be James Fuller's 'Lil Jammies' Resin figures. Upon further investigation we found this quote from James explaining it all:
"I have been working on this design for quite some time now. I always wanted to be able to paint my own base and I feel this design is the perfect fit for my style. Cute but kickass! The Lil’ Jammie figure is a hooded character in pajamas. I have always had a fascination with hooded characters. The mysteriousness of what is underneath the hood has always intrigued me. So I had to start with the hood.  That’s the beauty of this base, it can be anything." 

Making it easy to customize ach figure is made of sturdy resin with the head removable and can swivel. Sitting at L 2” x H 2.5”, this is the perfect size to fit in anyone’s collection. 

We'll keep you posted when a date to order 'Lil Jammies' is released.