April 14, 2013

The Game of Thrones Mystery Minis are Coming!

From one of the most epic fantasy series to ever grace our TV screens has been miniaturized in style as 'The Game of Thrones Mystery Minis'. The vinyl mini figs display box features some of our favorite characters and creatures from the successful Book & TV series. Popvinyls.com has posted a catalog scan showing the upcoming slate

These 2 1/2" tall Mystery Minis by Funko, contain troop builder type characters as opposed to the main cast with the Stark Direwolves, Daenarys' Dragons, King's Guard Soldier, Night's Watch Soldier, and so much more this is a collection not to be missed. 

The imaged display box above contains 24 individually packaged blind box figures and be preordered now from Entertainment Earth for a November release.