April 18, 2013

Series 4 of the 'Muppets' inspired Pillaging Pop Culture due April 21

Get excited as April 21 will see Task One’s 3" custom series “Pillaging Pop Culture” (inspired by The Muppets) with release the next three new fan-favorite figures as part
of series 4!

You can purchase the blind-boxed custom hand painted figures or you can buy the full
3-piece set which guarantees that you will get one of each of the 3 figures in that wave.

Tenacious Toys still have a limited number of full sets of the whole series of 18 characters so far. which is a lot less than some consumers spend hunting down a full set of a production series. If you do purchase the full set, a “free” chase figure which is not part of the 18pc set will be rewarded and while the exact run size is not revealed, the series is limited.