April 18, 2013

ToyKick is Making a Fresh Batch of Customised Dunny's

Task One has just released a sneak peek of his custom Dunny's for ToyKick first custom Dunny series: Fresh Batch Series One. One is Poppin Fresh D and the other Elves Are Evil. Regardless they look fun and we personally can't wait to burn our hands on these hot customs.

The series will feature some of the most talented artists ever to put on a pair of oven mitts and customize a Dunny!

ToyKick are slowly revealing the artists approx each week we get closer to launching but here if who has contributed so far:
  1. NikeJerk
  2. Kevin Gosselin
  3. Sekure D
  4. Roar With Lukas
  5. Ian Chapman
  6. Task One
Nothing like the smell of Freshly Baked custom Dunnys so visit ToyKick here to stay up to date on who and when this delicious Dunny's we be ready.