April 18, 2013

I Heart Guts has a Heart of Gold

This is our 50th post and we just wanted to say from the bottom of our hearts, thanks for the support so far.

Talking about hearts (ha, see what we did there) how about this Heart of Gold from I Heart Guts. Other than this cute heart, I Heart Guts has an assortment of organs.

"Each plush piece is a grinning caricature of its real life counterpart, and is available in several hues including lavender, daffodil yellow and neon purple. Plush organs and glands sell quickly at hospital gift shops, where they are a popular pick for patients recovering from ailments associated with a particular organ. We offer a pancreas for diabetics, a mammary gland for breast cancer patients, and a random assortment of other glands and guts,” - Wendy Bryan, I Heart Guts Founder
This 11" happy Heart of Gold plush is made from metallic gold vinyl and can be found at the 'I Heart Guts' store