January 7, 2014

Marvel Mystery Minis to the Rescue

Comics 'N' Toys over at FunkoFanatic's has posted a photo revealing the new Marvel Comics Mystery Minis Series 1, which was announced late last year. The 2.5" blind boxed figures includes left to right:

Galactus, Thor, Scarlet Witch, Phoenix, Loki, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Doctor Doom, Deadpool (variant), Thanos, Ultron, Green Goblin, Punisher, Hulk, Loki (Variant) and Silver Surfer
Just like the announced The Walking Dead Minis these marvelous mini vinyls will retail for approx $5 USD per blind box or in bulk as a 24 box set. These will be available in the first quarter of this year so be on the look out at your local Funko supplier.

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