January 7, 2014

Sekure D starts off the year with a Bang!

It's only the first month of the year and Sekure D come out swinging with this rad custom Custom Codename Human Torch Bot vinyl.

But that's not all Kidrobot reports that Australia's own Sekure D is invading the US stores and online. The Munnyworld customs will be making appearances in Los Angeles, New York, Boulder, and San Francisco for sale.

The year is 2322 and the robots, no longer reliant on their solar heart panels have taken over the world, exterminating all but a few humans. After a century spent completing their foremost objective they are now left, bereft of meaning; a regrettable shortcoming of Artificial Intelligence. Seeking something greater the ‘Codename Unknown’ Robotic Allegiance has turned to the daily activities of humans to fulfill their needs while striving to eradicate their new found enemy, the Blobs, a thriving life form created from the toxic sludge emitted by the Codename Unknown prototypes. New armies have been constructed from parts previously discarded in their underground and underwater boneyards to help fight the Blobs and stop them from destroying the earth.

So be on the lookout for these rad customs. To check out more of Sekure's awesome work go HERE.


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