May 15, 2013

There's something odd about Sonic

Funko will be releasing yet another franchise later this month with Sonic the Hedgehog and consistently like the other POP! figures the three characters from the popular video game Sonic, Knuckles and Tails all stand at 4" tall. 

Other than each character package in a window box that's where we think the consistency ends.

Sonic appears to be squinting for some reason and we can think of another Funko character who has been designed like this. It may be the photos (supplied by Funko) but the paint on all three figures appears to be a little out of the lines and a bit chunky. 

Like we said it may just be the photos (which isn't great promotion for the product). Sure collectors and fans will buy them and we don't have anything against Funk POP! figures, in fact we love them but are these a less figure than it's predecessors? You can pre-order all three vinyl figures from here with release date at the end of May

Let us know if there are any other characters like Sonic that has different eyes.