May 19, 2013

Super Awesome Alloy New 52 Superman Figure

Play Imaginative has this Super awesome image on their Facebook for their upcoming Super Alloy New 52 Superman figure! 

As you can see by the image this 1/6 scale figure is overloaded with articulation at 25 points and incorporates a spring-loaded waist joint for throwing objects! One of the coolest accessories to this figure is the crystal fortress base that lights up with a fan blowing to simulate a flowing cape! 

In addition the Super Alloy New 52 Superman figure comes with an interchangeable head that has laser beam eyes and the suit lives up to the name alloy as it is 80% die-cast material! Also look out for Green Lantern, Flash and Batman later in the year. No word yet on when the figure will be available for pre=order but we'll keep you posted.

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