May 19, 2013

DONOVAN - "Hospitality, Be Patient by Animal Monster

Animal Monster has posted an extremely detailed dairy over at the October Toys online forum on creating his latest character DONOVAN - "Hospitality, Be Patient!"

"Donnie is an Extraterrestrial like any other. He has found his way to the blue planet earth. Eager to fit in, he mimics the human frame best he can. He himself lacking both terrestrial organs and digestive system he is prone to involuntary mutations. Still he tries his best to look slick, seeking friends and interaction with females of the species. One of his favourite pickup tricks has him, using his natural ability of reproducing organic matter, donating organs to the local hospital…" - Animal Monster

Inspired by the obsessive compulsive disorder Bigroexia or the Adonis Complex, where a person has an enslaving need to gain muscle. This eloquently detailed yet super creepy figure comes with interchangeable pieces of interlocking fetus with optic nerve attachment and paper bag to carry his organ donations in.

To see more of the detail on what went into make this awesomely sculpted Donovon then go HERE. It appears Animal Monster is weighing his options on how best to put this figure into production so when we have more info we'll let you know.

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