May 20, 2013

Teptec Studios is Burnin’ Rubber

“Burnin’ Rubber” is the first in a series of handmade resin collectibles from Teptec Studios. Standing at 3" tall and was designed, sculpted by hand and cast by Daniel Ritthanondh.

In the year 2133 a marauding group of psychotic scumbags, known as “Galactic Scum Society” or “GASS“, ascends from the outskirts of our galaxy. They only have one thing in mind: Bringing us chaos and destruction just for the fun of it! They came for the bang, but they’ll stay for the big KABOOM!

This limited edition will only be produced as long as the original moulds allow it. Cast in solid, extremely durable polyurethane-resin Burnin’ Rubber is bagged and closed with a fitting glossy header.

This awesome figure also comes in two different editions 'Firestarter' and 'Oilman' and can be purchased now from HERE.