May 28, 2013

Sekure D's Awesome AM90 Nike Mural.

The Australian customising movement is only just getting started but not for Sekure D who was invited by Nike Australia to come down to their HQ in Melbourne and paint up a storm of an AM90 Mural on canvas for an upcoming conference. 

Due to safety regulations concerns Sekure could only use spray paint on the initial stages of the background after which the rest of the mural was then continued by hand with the finishing touches done infront of the conference crowd over a couple of hours.

We're lucky enough to have the timelapse video to show how much work went into this totally rad piece of art.

The result of this awesome piece is stunning with vibrant background colors helping the Nike AM90 pop as the feature. For those of you who know of Sekure D's work you can see signature styles that relate to his other awesome body work in toy customising. Like what see? Then check out Sekure D HERE.

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