May 28, 2013

New Squadt OOZE NO.00 is a Terror Boy

The next Squadt from Brandt Peters and Ferg titled Terror Boy "OOZE NO.00" has just been announced and man it is freakishly awesome! 

The best way other than rad to describe this latest Squadt is Toxic Avenger meets Leather Face meets Hobo with a Shotgun. The melted green and yellow infused ooze head is a nice surprise when he removes his hessian bag mask to add more terror.

This 6" Terror Boy wearing a tailored jacket also wields a nice double sawn off shot gun and by going with consistency (guessing) of other Squadt figures will be limited to only 200 pieces.

Terror Boy "OOZE NO.00" will be released June 3 but no info on where so keeping checking the Squadt store page HERE.