May 28, 2013

MApMAp goes Berko with New Custom

MApMAp have released an image on their Facebook page of their latest custom 'Berko'. 

"With a slight shuffle Berko walks through the world with one question on his face. Which question could that be and would anyone ever have the answer, we may never know.  
The only time Berko can find thoughtless solace are the moments when the fuzzball from within his thinking stick hops out for a bite or bathroom break. Within this slice of time Berko pauses to watch as it skuttles down his beard, disappears into a bush, and emerges refreshed or clutching a mouthful of berries. Once his little companion is safe and snug, Berko gives his branch a gentle tap and returns to his wandering ways as his brow scrunches bank into deep thought."
This 3" awesome Dunny custom using polymer clay and acrylic paint will be available at the MApMAp store HERE Wednesday 29.